5 Reasons to NEVER Skip Your Oil Change


The oil change is an important service every vehicle needs. Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 miles, although new and improved synthetic oils may offer up to 7,000 driving miles before it’s time for another oil change. Never skip an oil change for any reason. Doing so may cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Why is it so important to schedule oil changes per recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual? Take a look at five of the biggest reasons you should never skip that oil change.

1 – Decreased Vehicle Value

Although selling your vehicle may be the furthest thing from your mind right now, we never know what the future holds. Many people eventually decide they’ll sell their vehicle, whether it’s time to upgrade, they move across the country, or other circumstances create the need to sell. It is important to change the oil in the vehicle just because you may sell it one day in the future. When the car is well-maintained, it brings a far higher value than a car that isn’t well kept. If you want to ensure you recoup as much of your money as possible during a sale, make sure that oil changes are a part of the car’s agenda.

2 – Reduced Engine Lifespan

Oil protects the engine from rubbing against other parts. This reduces friction heat and part breakdown while protecting the engine. When the oil gets old, it becomes sludgy, which builds up within the engine and causes its own set of problems. If you do not change the oil, this sludge reduces the lifespan of the engine. You may experience a variety of engine problems as a result, which makes diving difficult while putting a dent in your bank account thanks to all the repairs. It simply isnt worth taking this risk when an oil change protects the engine against sludge and prolongs the lifetime.

3 – Expensive Repairs

It isn’t a big secret that most major car repairs are expensive. A simple oil change costs about $50, which is affordable for most anyone to fork over to protect their car. But, the average vehicle repair costs considerably more at a rate of about $300. If you don’t schedule an oil change, the latter situation may eventually be necessary. Keep in mind that some of the more complex repairs cost well over $1000. Do you have this type of money to fork over any time there is trouble?

4 – Engine Replacement

A new engine may cost upwards of $5,000. Do you have that kind of money to spend on a new engine? The average engine has a lifetime of about 10 years. But, it only lasts this length of time with proper care. Not only should you drive the vehicle in a non-aggressive manner to prevent engine wear, but oil changes are also important. When you change the oil per recommendations in the owner’s manual, it reduces the risk the engine will breakdown any time so, saving an abundance of money in the process.

5 – Worry

Driving your car becomes a big ordeal if you forego the oil change. Will this trip be the one that the car finally breaks down? Will this trip be the trip that causes your car to succumb to the pressures? That worry isn’t a good part of your day. An oil change helps keep the worries off your mind because, frankly, there are better things to focus on during the day.

Your vehicle needs many services over the years to keep it running efficiently, but none of them are more important than an oil change. Every vehicle year and model needs an oil change to maintain its smooth driving capabilities. The vehicle is only as good as the engine that’s underneath the hood. Protect the engine and your vehicle and schedule an oil change when it is time.