5 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Invest in Solar Panels


Many homeowners are turning to solar energy to provide for their home with the energy it needs. The market has taken notice and solar power is available to more homeowners today than ever before. Homeowners who have not considered an investment in solar panels should understand the reasons so many other homeowners have chosen to do so.

Lower Energy Costs

The true value of solar panels is that they use sunlight to provide homeowners with an inexpensive source of energy. You will have to make an upfront investment to outfit your home for solar power but once the system is in place, you will appreciate the monthly savings.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to benefit from net metering to completely eliminate energy bills. Net metering allows for unused energy generated by your solar panels to be pulled back into an energy grid. You will receive credit for the energy that goes into the grid that will cover your energy costs at night or in the winter when the sun is not as available.

Home Value

The money a homeowner invests in solar panels is not necessarily money that will not return to them. One study demonstrated that homes with solar panels were worth as much as $15,000 more than a similar house in the same area that was not outfitted with solar panels. This could mean more money in your pocket if you ever choose to sell or refinance your home. The added value to your home along with the monthly savings provided to you by using solar energy can improve the financial outlook for many families.

Incentives From The Government

A lot of misinformation has been circulating regarding the end of government incentives to use solar power. The truth is, most of these programs are still intact. The largest of these government incentives allows homeowners to deduct 30 percent of the cost to install solar panels from their present year’s tax bill. And if your tax bill is lower than the total deductions granted to you, it is allowable for you to roll the savings over to the following year’s tax liability.

There are other incentives available at the state and local levels. One example of this is the $0.25 per watt rebate that is given to homeowners who install solar panels in the state of California. You should search for incentive programs you qualify for if you plan on using solar power to satisfy your energy needs.

Support The Environment

It is great to see a line of zeros on your energy bill each month but this is far from the only benefit solar panels will provide. Installing solar panels in your home will also contribute to saving the planet.

The effects of climate change can be seen with the constantly increasing temperatures and unpredictable weather events that have taken place in recent years. Solar panels rely on the sun to produce energy. This clean and endless energy source will help reduce the carbon footprint your family leaves on the planet.

Community Investment

The reports show that the solar industry is putting people to work in much larger numbers than other areas of the economy. These jobs offer decent pay and do not require extensive education. When you invest in solar panels for your home, you will also be investing in your local economy by helping to inspire job growth. Jobs in the solar industry are also excellent alternatives for former military personnel transitioning back to civilian life. A stable and healthy local community is a priceless asset and will make your city a better place for residents.

Final Thoughts

Many homeowners have joined the movement toward solar power and away from fossil fuels. There are many positive benefits to making this switch. If you are a homeowner who is riding the fence regarding a decision to install solar panels in your home, the five benefits above are more than enough reason to move forward with the project.