5 Powerful Ways to Donate to a Good Cause


With there seeming to be a crisis arising every day, you may feel compelled to offer your assistance. However, for some families, money can be difficult to donate when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. For others, they may be too busy with their own responsibilities to offer much of their time. No matter the obstacle facing you, there is always a way you can donate to a good cause. This article will discuss five different ways you can donate to a charity, so there’s no excuse as to why you can’t do your part in making the world a bit of a happier place.

1. Money

The first and most obvious way to donate to a good cause is with money. Many charity organizations are non-profits, and so they rely on donations to keep their organizations funded and provide their service to their targets of need. Since there are quite a few scams out there, you should always do a bit of research before you send your hard-earned money to an organization. You may want to utilize a website that does that for you and makes it easy to choose a charity you want to support. Not only does this save you time in trying to find a cause that you want to support, but you can rest assured that the charity is authentic and impactful.

2. Time

If money is a little scant, or you just really enjoy the idea of helping people directly, then you can always donate your time. Whether you have a free weekend coming up, or you want to do something on your free evenings, then look for a charity that offers volunteer positions. This could be your local soup kitchen, an organization that builds homes or shelters, or even something as simple as taking walks with the elderly. Charities typically always need volunteers to help bring their vision to fruition, so you can be sure that this donation of your time is warmly appreciated.

3. Give Blood

If you’re a living person with healthy blood, then an easy donation you can make is by donating your blood. Especially in times of crisis in certain countries, blood is always in demand. Whether you have a free weekend or just an afternoon, you can take a few minutes to have a nurse draw your blood, and then be on your way. This hardly costs you anything since you’ll replenish your blood supply in no time. Most importantly, however, this donation can save a life.

4. Downsize Your Stuff

Throughout the years, you’ve likely accumulated a lot of stuff. Clothes, especially, tend to take up a lot of room and as sizes change and trends shift, you likely won’t be wearing a great deal of them anymore. Instead of just throwing them out in the trash or selling them at your next garage sale, you may want to consider donating them. There are a ton of charities out there that accept clothes, electronics, furniture, toys, even old cars. You can downsize on the stuff you have–making room for new items–and you can make sure that all of that stuff goes to a good cause. Someone else most certainly can appreciate it.

5. Offer Skills

Whether your skills are used for your profession or just a hobby, if you have a particular skill that you think could be utilized by a certain charity, then go for it! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to develop a new skill or hone a skill, why not do so while supporting a great cause? For those who’ve always wanted to try their hand at construction, or who actually are construction workers or have some knowledge of building, then you can donate those skills to a charity without charge and help them out in a great way. Even those who have a particular skill in photography can offer their services to a charity without seeking compensation. Those photos could be used to bring in even more donors and attention to the cause, and you could be the one that makes it happen. If you have a skill, donate it.

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