5 Packing Tips to Simplify Your Move


Moving can be a daunting challenge. It takes extra effort to not only pack your items appropriately but to stay organized so that when it comes time to unpack, you can do so quickly and efficiently. There are some tricks and tips that can simplify your move, making life easier for you.

Do Your Homework on Your Mover

Before you hire a mover, get an estimate from several different companies to get a good idea of how much it should cost. They should be licensed and insured. It is also a good idea to check their record or talk to previous clients. Be wary of any companies that have reports of charging a low price and then asking for more money before they’ll remove items from their truck.

The best way to find good movers is to ask for recommendations. While movers will never be as careful with your belongings as you would, you should look for movers with positive reviews and quality care of valuables.

Sort through Everything

Before you go to the effort of packing the last 20 issues of your favorite magazine, ask yourself if you really need to keep them. To make it easier on yourself, look at everything you own with a critical eye. If you are using a moving company, you’ll save yourself money as well because they often charge by the pound.

Start with your closet. Anything you haven’t worn in the last year, donate to charity. You’ll be surprised how many items of clothing you’re hanging onto that you don’t even wear. It’ll add up fast and save you the time of packing it.

As for furniture and household items, anything that you’ve been meaning to fix for the last six months and still haven’t, donate it. You obviously haven’t missed using it that much anyway.

Create a Schedule

You don’t want to be left trying to pack everything at the last minute. Create a packing schedule to be sure that you stay on target for you moving date. Write down what areas you want to have packed by specific dates.

This can also help you to stay organized with your packing. According to Tranzit Moving & Storage, schedule non-essential items and areas to be packed first. Next, label the boxes you’ll be putting the belongings that you’ll need to access frequently up until your moving day. This will help prevent you from reopening boxes in search of shoes or other essentials.

Establish a Packing System

There are many good packing systems; you need to decide what system will work best for you. Some people assign each room a color. Each box that has items for that room receives a label in the corresponding color. You can then list the items in that box on the label. Place a colored piece of paper in each room when you’re moving in so the movers can put boxes in the correct room.

Another option is to keep a notebook on hand as you pack. Number every box and record its contents in the notebook. Whatever system you choose, start from the beginning so you don’t have to try to go back later to get everything organized.

Create a Packing Kit

It will be easier to stay organized if you have all your packing materials together for easy access. What will be included in your kit will largely depend on what kind of packing system you are using to organize. For general packing purposes, you’ll need a black marking pen or marker, paper, packing tape, box cutter, boxes, and packing materials such as newspaper or bubble wrap.

If you have more than one person packing, make a kit for each person. When everyone has the same materials and follows the same packing system, you’ll be able to stay organized and make unpacking that much easier.

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