5 Outdoor Events That Require an Olympic Tent


When it comes to outdoor events, an Olympic tent provides a large space that protects attendees from the outdoor elements. Ranging in size from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand square feet of interior space, Olympic tents are used for a number of events. Below are 5 popular events that require an Olympic tent.

1). Banquet

One of the most popular uses for an Olympic tent are banquets that can include dining tables and hundreds of chairs. Due to the high ceiling of Olympic tents, the banquet can include balloons, tall lights and an elevated platform. The banquet can be organized where you can put anywhere from a couple of dozen to a couple of hundred people inside the tent.

2). Music Event

An Olympic tent is also a great option for a music event. Because of the high tent ceiling, you can put an elevated stage along with a sound and lighting system. The Olympic tent can also allow for a couple of hundred chairs or allow for a large standing room only capacity. Additionally, the tent will have an easy way for large amounts of people to move into and out of the event area. This is important when it comes to overall crowd safety.

3). Religious Event

For those who want to hold a religious event or a religious ceremony, an Olympic tent is an excellent option. The tent can be quickly set up and allow for the placement of a stage or an alter. Hundreds of seats can be easily placed inside the tent. Finally, an Olympic tent will make it easy for you to set up the necessary lighting, sound system and religious decorations.

4). Flea Market

If you are looking to hold a flea market with multiple vendors, then an Olympic tent will give you the versatility to have a number of inventory and sales tables available. The tent will allow the vendors to protect their inventory while allowing for an easy flow of foot traffic around the tables. Also, an Olympic tent is easy to set-up and break down which is ideal for one day events.

5). Weddings

For those planning the perfect outdoor wedding, an Olympic tent provides an ideal option. These tents can allow for both intimate and grand wedding ceremonies and receptions. An Olympic tent can accommodate the necessary decorations, seating arrangements and sound system. Olympic tents are also available in a number of styles that can perfectly fit the aesthetic look of the wedding site.

Types of Olympic Tents Available

There are a number of Olympic tents available that can fit any event. Popular Olympic tent styles include high peak or festival tents, hip end tents and gable end tents. These Olympic tents feature lightweight yet sturdy frames that can be quickly assembled and disassembled in less than a day.

Summing It All Up

An Olympic tent is an efficient and veritable way to manage any number of events without having to rent a large structure. These tents are available with a number of features that can include high ceilings, windows and vaulted ceilings. It is a good idea to look at a number of Olympic tent styles before deciding on a final tent for your event.