5 Low-Cost Outside Decorations to use for Multiple Holidays


Holidays in general represent a particularly festive time in western culture. Regardless of the holiday being celebrated, it has become customary to decorate the home, entertain guests, offer gifts and good wishes and prepare special dishes to enjoy together.

But it can quickly get expensive to purchase holiday-specific decorations for each of the many holidays that are celebrated annually. As well, if you live in a place where storage space is at a premium, it can just make good sense to purchase decorations that serve more of an all-holiday function. If this describes you, you can use the five low-cost outside decorations ideas in this post to accomplish just that.

Decoration 1: Twinkling all-white or multicolor lights.
Holiday lights are so festive and cheerful that some families leave their outside lights up and running all year long. “If you shop during or just after a major holiday, you can often score incredible deals on long strings of holiday lights in just about any color,” said WowLights Productions.

To keep your lights usable in all holidays, steer clear of holiday-specific colors (some examples include red and green (Christmas), blue and white (Hanukkah), orange (Halloween) and instead stick to all-white or multicolored light strings.

Decoration 2Wreaths.
Here again, the trick is to keep your wreath all-purpose, which means you don’t want to buy a wreath that has decorations commonly associated with a particular holiday. A simple wreath of woven wood, dried multicolored flowers, ribbons and bows or a nature theme such as a bird house/nest sitting on a tree can work well for many holidays throughout the year.

Here, finding the lowest cost deal on an all-purpose wreath is often simply a matter of scouting your local crafts or home goods stores to find out when their sales are and then showing up to nab a great discounted wreath.

Decoration 3: Anything that says “happy holidays.”
Banners, window decals, paper cutouts, garlands and anything else printed with these happy words (preferably in generic and totally non-religious colors) can be used and re-used without complaint or comment from one holiday to the next. And these are so easy to make you might not have to spend anything at all beyond materials supplies and your time to get them done.

For strings of holidays that fall close together (the spring and winter holidays are both great examples), it is also perfectly acceptable to leave the happy holidays message up throughout.

Decoration 4: Fruit and veggie baskets.
Here, in order to remain truly generic, it may be necessary to either use fresh fruit and vegetables that are seasonally available or, alternately, make or purchase a variety of artificial fruits and vegetables you can arrange as is appropriate to the season.

But the concept of a fruit or vegetable basket can translate itself effortlessly from season to season and holiday to holiday. It always looks both appropriate and cheerful, which after all are the two requirements for celebrating any holiday. Best of all, since in-season fruit and veggies tend to be super-cheap and painted artificial produce is free after the first use, you can decorate all year long on a literal dime.

Decoration 5: Garlands.
If you have ever returned home for the holidays only to have your mom haul out that gorgeous garland of walnut hulls that you made when you were five, you already understand just how enduring a garland can be.

Garlands made out of nut hulls, pinecones, fake plants or flowers, lights and leaves, nature shapes, tiny pom-poms and other annuals can make for the perfect recyclable holiday decorations. Just make sure they are made out of fairly durable materials and, again, that the colors can translate well from one holiday to the next.

By outfitting yourself with a selection of these 5 low-cost outside generic holiday decorations, you can free up tons of storage space for a more useful purpose, drastically reduce your holiday spending, cut down your holiday decorating time from hours (or days) to minutes (or seconds) and spread your all-inclusive holiday good cheer to friends and neighbors alike all year long.