5 Low Cost Alternatives when Moving on a Budget


Moving can be an exciting adventure. If you don’t have a lot of money to move from one location to another, then it can be stressful. However, there are some tips to keep in mind if you have a budget so that you and your family can get everything from one home to a new location without having to think as much about the money.

Do Everything Yourself
Avoid hiring moving companies. These are people who will charge you to do every little thing when it comes to the move. They will likely charge for the supplies that are needed for packing your belongings, such as boxes, and they will usually charge for the moving truck that is used to get from one location to another. Get your children involved with packing. They can sort through their belongings, getting rid of things they no longer need. Ask local grocery stores if they have boxes they don’t need. Find a few friends with trucks who can help get everything from one home to another so that you aren’t paying a company to do the work.

Take What You Need
Spend time sorting through each room of the house before you pack. This will help you decide what you need to take with you and what you might not necessarily need any longer. Items that you don’t use can be sold at a garage sale so that you can make a little extra money to help with moving expenses or to get new decorations for the home. If you are using a moving company, there could be charges based on how much your boxes weigh, so it’s best to lighten your load as much as possible. If you will be renting a home, you probably don’t need to take a refrigerator or stove unless it’s an appliance that is new. Look at the new home to determine what is needed from your belongings, such as curtains and rugs, before packing every single thing to take along.

If you have to use a moving company, compare prices of a few businesses. Some companies will charge more money depending on the time of the year when you move as more people move during the warmer months. Find out what company offers the most benefits when it comes to packing supplies and other materials that are needed. Ask if there are any additional fees when it comes to putting furniture together once it’s at the new home. Make sure the estimate is one that you can afford. “Don’t settle on a company simply because it offers the bells and whistles that you want just so that you don’t have to move your own belongings,” according to Florida Van Lines.

Shut Down Dates
When you move, you will need to shut off the utilities from your old home. Some companies will charge a fee if you shut off services before a certain time during the billing cycle. Try to move as close as possible to the end of the billing cycle so that you don’t have any of those fees. If you have to wait until after the billing cycle to move, then consider shutting off services early if possible so that you aren’t charged for an extra month when you won’t be in the home. There are some cities that offer services to help with discounts on new utilities that are connected so that you won’t have to pay a deposit or a full month of service.

Packing Supplies
Many of the supplies that you need are already in the home. If you’re taking a dresser, then leave the clothing or other items in the drawers, and wrap the drawers with newspaper or plastic so that the items aren’t damaged. Another option is to use any plastic containers or totes for packing so that you don’t have to buy new ones. Since you’re only going to need supplies for a short time, get tape and markers from a dollar store instead of getting the higher priced items from a hardware store. These will work just as well, and you won’t be spending a lot of money on packing materials while still making sure your boxes and other items are labeled.