5 Items to Consider Including in Your New Bathroom Remodel


Homeowners who may be planning planning a bathroom renovation or upgrade should have no shortage of options to choose from. Finding and selecting the equipment options, design features and specific hardware needed to ensure a successful remodel is never a concern that should be taken lightly. The following five items are all something that home and property owners would do well to consider when planning an upgrade or other remodeling project.

1. High-Efficiency Fixtures

Finding ways to reduce household costs without forcing occupants to sacrifice comfort or change-up their everyday routine can be easier than many homeowners might imagine. Low-flow faucets, LED lighting installations and even smart-showers and next-generation toilets can all provide for a more comfortable and cost-effective bathroom experience. High-efficiency appliances, fixtures and equipment can make an even greater difference in older homes whose outdated plumbing or conventional lighting fixtures could be contributing to higher utility bills. Creating a greener, more sufficient and more cost-effective household is an opportunity that no homeowner will want to pass up.

2. Hands-Free Faucet

No modern bathroom would be complete without a faucet designed for hands-free operation. Conventional faucets may entail considerable drawbacks, but their newer counterparts can provide a more convenient, consistent and efficient way to make use of the bathroom sink. Hands-free fixtures make use of motion sensors in order to turn the stream of water on and off, ensuring a more hygienic hand-washing experience as well as minimizing the risks of a running facet escaping notice. Faucets left in operation can use a surprising volume of water and households that are seeking to reduce their utility costs by curbing consumption may find that newer-model and next-generation equipment options often provide the best solutions.

3. Plenty of Storage

Modular cabinets and fixture installations that have been designed with storage in mind can allow even the smallest of bathrooms to be better utilized. Lacking storage space for spare towels, cosmetics and even cleaning supplies can create no end of problems, especially for smaller bathrooms or even half-baths that were not created to be as functional as a full-size. Finding clever storage solutions can ensure that remodeled bathrooms are able to provide plenty of extra space. Even a few square feet of additional storage space may be all that is needed in order to turn an old bathroom into a more comfortable and luxurious space.

4. Smart Appliances

From heated floor tiles to bathroom mirrors with a build-in display, there are plenty of smart-appliances and digital devices that would make a welcome addition to any bathroom remodeling. Wireless and digital devices may be of even greater benefit during larger renovations. Making the bathroom part of the smart-home experience provides home and property owners to enjoy a range of features and options that would have been hard to imagine just a few short years ago. Remote climate control, wireless connectivity and appliances designed for remote operation are all options that may warrant further consideration.

5. Grips, Handrails and Safety Equipment

Even a minor fall can result in significant injury and high-humidity environments may pose a significant risk to those who suffer from impaired mobility. A sturdy hand rail, an extra wall-grip or the addition of a non-slip surface can go a long way towards minimizing the risk of an accident or injury. Households that may have one or more elderly members would be especially wise to make safety their number one priority. Safety equipment is typically easy to install and can be found for a fraction of the cost homeowners might expect to pay for a major appliance or a next-generation fixture.

Home Renovations and Property Value

Understanding the impact a new bathroom may have on the market value of a home can allow owners to make more informed and effective purchases. Homeowners may be able to afford an expanded range of appliance options and equipment choices provided a remodeled bathroom is able to boost a home’s property value. A more comfortable, stylish and modern bathroom can have a lasting impact on the resale value of a property and homeowners would do well to consider the bigger picture when it comes to planning an upcoming renovation.

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