5 Important Tips For Storing Valuables


Storing valuables is just as important as keeping your account passwords long enough to ensure that it won’t get memorized by others. The actual tip when it comes to storing valuables is to be tricky enough to hide these so then no one would be able to get their hands to your precious belongings. There are several of these valuables, and here what most regarded as the “most important” as a valuable:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Your money-loaded wallet – but only if you store a lot of money there
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Cards and Other Valid IDs
  • Tax Returns
  • Jewelry

Once again, there may be more to just the following valuables that you may want to secure, but those entirely depend on what you may perceive as a valuable. But if you need to go away without using any of these, or if you want to fall asleep calmly while others are sleeping over with you at your house, then take note of the following tips:

1- Secure Your Documents First

It is always important to secure your documents all the time by providing it utmost protection. Leaving them at an open area or somewhere reachable to anyone doesn’t just cause any risk of getting it stolen. Some of your documents may wear down and tear easily over time if they are not secured. Another terrible issue that you may face are accidental spills, or a child/toddler/pet tearing those apart. That’s why you must always secure them well by placing them on plastic page slips if you wish to add more protection. You can also seal them simple on a folder that has a binder or a fastener on it – provided that the documents can be punched.

2- Look For A Safe or Locked Drawer

This could be a small vault-like object that has a secure lock on it, a cash box for your cards and money, or a drawer that has a lock on it. There are many kinds of safes that you can use in order to keep your valuables. But most people prefer to use a safe deposit box as it looks like a nifty product that can simply place all of your valuables in one place. Lastly, when looking for a safe, be sure to see if it’s fireproof and weather-resistant as well.

3- Use More Than One Safe

You can go ahead and use more than one safe for the sake of security measures. You can have a safe deposit box for all your documents while having a home safe with a double lock that contains a cash box for your credit cards and probably some money. The ideas are limitless for the sake of higher security if you wish to use more than one safe.

4- Hide or Shred Any Transaction Records

You can go ahead and hide your copy of transaction records. But if there is no need for you to use the records anymore, it’s best to completely shred the records because these can be used by criminals. Credit transactions often have your name and number on it, and crooks can use that for their own greedy ambitions.

5- Be Tricky

Be very crafty when doing all of the tips. You can go ahead and hide the keys inside the pocket of your shirt or jacket. You can keep the password not in some book or on your phone, but somewhere that they might think as a “weird” hiding spot such as behind a large and heavy picture frame where you can secure the small piece of paper. There are some people who may tend to leave some of their important documents on plain sight but is too plain to be checked by others.

One of the craftiest ideas for financial security is to keep your credit or debit card inside a safe box when going out. In that way, don’t feel too bad by the end of the day when your money-loaded wallet got stolen. After all, your income originally comes from the cards before storing it on your wallet. The ideas are indeed crazy, yet tricky enough to prevent anyone from finding out your stuff. But take note that those tricky ideas are unlimited in numbers.

These are the tips and tricks that will surely secure all of your precious belongings securely in your own home. It’s always best to leave your personal things out from the interests of others because these are your own privacy and possessions, and it’s just best to hide it very well from those who can’t resist being greedy. Take note that there are also others steps that you can consider when keeping valuables when outside your home such as hotels and the airport so then you won’t have to feel worried everywhere you may go.

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