5 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney


Lawyers give us highly-needed legal representation. The process of looking for a new lawyer can be daunting, tedious, and highly inclusive. When looking for a suitable lawyer, you always want to balance a few things such as the legal experience of the lawyer, their charges, among other issues. Finding an attorney to represent you in court is further complicated by the fact that the legal practice normally tends to be overly complicated with complex terms. There are, however, a set of vital questions that you should ask your attorney when seeking to hire his or her services. Here are 5 of the key questions.


Are you competent to handle my specific case?


Like any other profession, legal practice has its limits in terms of what the lawyers can handle and what they can’t. Every lawyer understands their area of major and areas where their performance would be significantly challenged. Some cases can be too complicated to be handled by every lawyer. By asking the lawyer whether they can handle the specific case of concern, you would be seeking affirmation from them that they understand the details of your case and that they would be able to competently discharge and deliver well. Various details of the case can put off or disqualify a lawyer including the time of the hearings, details of the case, the area of competence in legal practice required, among other issues.


Have you been involved in similar litigation before?


Experience is highly essential in legal practice. Having experience in a particular field of legal practice implies that the lawyer would be able to advise you on your case or argue out in court quite well. Previous litigations provide lawyers with the skills required to successfully handle similar cases. The experience comes in handy when it comes to understanding the limits of arguments to be put forth in court. A lawyer without experience in a particular field could imply that your case would be the first and thus your case may swing either way in court. For instance, an experienced car accident lawyer who has not been involved in murder cases would have a hard time arguing out his first murder case.


How much would you charge me in terms of fees?


Billing is a sensitive question in the legal practice because some law firms make prime charges while others charge reasonable fees. It is therefore important to enquire the amount of fees that the lawyer would charge you, and under what circumstances. When seeking an answer for this type of question, explore all options and possibilities. For instance, ask the amount of fees to be demanded if the case is won or lost. Also, seek clarification on whether the amount would be negotiable or whether it is fixed. It is also advisable to have an idea of the charges that other lawyers charge in order not to be overcharged by your lawyer. Highly experienced lawyers tend to charge high legal fees. A high fee does not always imply that the lawyer is best qualified to handle your case.


What will be your approach in solving my case?


After briefing your lawyer about your case, it is important to inquire their prospected approach when trying the win the case. Having an idea of the approach would be important as it would hint you of any areas that would be of importance when trying to resolve the case in your favor. It would also give you a chance to make necessary clarifications as well as provide supportive documents. You should also ask for possible legal routes of solving the case such as out-of-court settlements.


What would be the likely outcome of the case?


It is always good to pursue the question on whether your case holds merit, especially if you are the petitioner in the case. If the lawyer advises that your case would be highly likely to lose, this would offer you with a chance to evaluate and weigh the options on whether you will pursue it or not. If the odds of losing the case are high, you could pursue alternative resolutions such as arbitration which would be less expensive. On the other hand, high prospects of winning the case would improve your odds of pursuing the case with confidence.