5 Helpful Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gown


There are many exciting aspects involved with planning your dream wedding, but not much overshadows selecting your ideal wedding gown. You and the love of your life have one day to shine together in love and commitment, among your most beloved friends and family, so it makes sense that you want to find the perfect gown to reflect the joy you feel inside.

The only real problem with finding a wedding dress – if you can, in fact, call it a problem – is choosing from the huge variety of beautiful wedding gowns made by renowned designers from around the world. Like many women, you may have an ideal cut and style in mind. You might have followed a particular designer to stumble onto your fantasy bridal gown, or perhaps you clipped a photograph of your favorite dress that you tucked away in your top-secret wedding planner years ago.

Like every element of your wedding, you need to devise and carry out a plan to help you find your dream wedding dress that also falls safely within your budget. It sounds like a tall order, but with careful planning and an open mind, it will all work out to perfection.

If you are rushing around, trying to figure out how to start your search for your bridal gown, it may help you to consider trying some tried-and-true recommendations from experts.

To help you get the ball rolling, here are 5 helpful tips for selecting the perfect wedding gown:

1. Set Your Budget.

 No matter how big or small your budget, stick to it. If you have limitations, it is likely for good reasons discussed between you and your spouse. Either way, select as many dresses that appeal to you as possible within your price range before starting to whittle your options down to a few favorites. Remember to factor in the cost of additional alterations and taxes. You also need to buy your accompanying veil, shoes, accessories, lingerie, and jewelry, which can add up quickly.

2. Start Your Search Early.

 Start your realistic search online and by flipping through bridal magazines to find wedding gowns similar to the basic style you have in mind. Try to find out whether you can find any of the dresses that you like locally and, if necessary, in a lower price range. “Print or clip images of your favorite wedding gowns when you start your store shopping expedition to show the sales associates,” said DaVinci Bridal. They may have something similar to your favorite gowns, or they can help you find something that you can alter to capture the same effect.

3. Consider the Venue and Conditions.

 If you plan to have your wedding and reception indoors, you can go ahead and choose a strapless gown. However, if you are planning an outdoors wedding in the fall, you will need to search for a dress that covers your arms and shoulders. You might even search for a complementary shawl or shrug for extra warmth. These warming accessories are often romantic, adding a memorable flair to your gown.

4. Imagine How You Want to Look and Feel at Your Wedding.

 This tip takes you beyond your image of the dress itself; it asks you to consider the tone of your wedding. Do you want to feel sexy, modern, chic, or traditional? If you think of it within the context of the rest of your wedding plans with your partner, you may recognize the style that makes sense instantly.

  1. Take Your Friends and Make a Day of It.

Invite the members of your wedding party along to make a day-long event of your wedding dress search. You can all relax, catch up, have lunch together, and, most importantly, you can benefit from honest, loving, and trusted opinions. Also, make sure to let your friends know your budget to help you keep perspective on practical issues.

Hopefully these tips will help you start your wedding gown search with confidence so you can equally focus on all the other exciting features of your big day.