5 Fun Birthday Party Themes for Adults


While birthday parties are often reserved for children, adults can have a fun party as well with friends and family. One of the fun things about an adult birthday party is that it can feature bright colors that exude excitement, or the party can be a little more mature with only adults being invited for the celebration. Most party stores have everything that you need to throw a dazzling celebration for adults of all ages.

The Soda Shop
Most adults know of at least one soda shop that their parents visited or that they visited while they were younger. Take this bit of nostalgia, and tie it into a birthday party. Decorate the space with a bar that is set up to look like one that would be found in a soda shop. Add pictures of records, milkshakes and other fun items that are found in a soda shop on the walls to give an authentic look to the room. Ask someone to make hamburgers, fries and milkshakes for the party. Find a jukebox so that guests can listen to music and dance. This is a fun idea for adults of any age, and children can join in on the fun as well.

Costume Party
Who doesn’t like dressing up as someone else? A costume party is an idea for those who have a birthday near Halloween or another holiday. Invite guests to dress in costumes related to a theme, such as a favorite movie of the guest of honor or a special event in the person’s life. Offer a prize for the person who is the best dressed. Play a few games at the party, or set up an area where guests can dance.

Spooky Scenes
For the person who enjoys a good scare, consider a spooky party. Just Artifacts said, “Change all of the light bulbs to purple or blue to create a frightening atmosphere.” Plates and other utensils can be either black and white or feature designs that include ghosts, crows or other spooky characters. Play music in the background that would remind guests of being in a haunted house. Set up an area with foods that have been prepared to feel and look like body parts. Guests can touch the items to see if they can determine the food that has been used. If children are invited to attend the party with parents, then tone down the fright aspect. However, if it’s only adults, create a stunning haunted party with chainsaws running in the background and someone chasing guests when they leave to go to their cars.

Fiesta Fun
This is a colorful party idea that is a lot of fun for older adults. Decorate the party area with colors of orange, blue and green. Balloons on chairs are a good idea as well as streamers hanging from the ceiling. Place a pinata in the center of the room so that guests can try to break it open before the party is over. Serve foods that would be ordered in a Mexican restaurant, such as nachos, tacos and burritos. You can also play music that has a Mexican beat. Set up an area where guests can dance as well. One idea is to have a taco bar so that guests can get the items that they want before sitting at a table decorated in a theme of one color, such as blue or orange.

Winter Wonderland
Adults with a birthday party in the winter will have a fun time at a winter wonderland. Decorate the area with snowflakes with a snow machine in one corner. Invite guests to wear blue and white to the party for a frozen look. Create an area of the room with white Christmas trees, white columns and other decorations that you might find in a wonderland of ice and snow.