5 Concrete Patio Ideas


Concrete is one of the most common materials used for patios because of its versatility and durability. In addition, it is an affordable way to add extra living space to your home. Concrete can be formed into virtually any shape that fits your design ideas, and there are a variety of colors rather than the typical gray. If you are considering the addition of a patio to your outdoor space, there are several great ideas for creating an area that you will enjoy for many years.

A Concrete Slab

Perhaps one of the easiest patio designs is a concrete slab. Choose a color or you may prefer the light gray with added patterns. Stamping the concrete with wood planks will give you the look of a deck if this would fit your design ideas. Flagstone stamped concrete is another stunning look.

Using large or small stamps, you can create just the look you have in mind, and it doesn’t have to be one color. You can incorporate several colors to match patio furniture, your home’s exterior, or the surrounding landscaping. Adding texture to the concrete also helps to keep it from becoming too slippery. Even if you don’t want a particular design, you can use a broom and make whisk marks in the concrete to create an interesting look.

Concrete Pavers

Another simple idea for creating a beautiful patio is to use concrete pavers. They are available in numerous textures, colors, sizes, and shapes. Map out the area where you want the patio, put down a bed of sand, and make sure it is well packed. The pavers can be placed together tightly or left with spaces for plants or pea gravel for an interesting look.

Freeform Slabs

Placing several large slabs of concrete of varying shapes together will create a wonderful look. Add color to the concrete to further enhance the look. Using this idea, your patio will resemble flagstone. A fire pit, barbecue, and seating adds even more pizzazz. A stone bar with a sink and storage will provide an area where people can sit and space for preparing food for a barbecue.

A Two Level Patio

If you have the space a two level patio can be a unique look. The entrance to the home, whether it is a sliding glass door or regular door, could be where the upper level of the patio begins and then transitions down to a lower level where people can sit. This style of patio can include concrete of one color, or it can be several coordinating colors that have been stamped to look like cobblestone or stone.

Stenciled Concrete

One of the designs for concrete patios that creates a very interesting look is stenciling. This is a good option if you have an idea for something unique or different that may be difficult to find. Paper stencils can be used and color added to the concrete. When the stencils are removed your design will be enhanced by the base color of the concrete patio. It is even possible to stencil the concrete patio to match the floor in the area of the home that transitions to the patio for a seamless look. Add a cover to your patio for protection from the rain and sun and it will be added living space that can be used all year, depending on where you live.

There are so many more options available today when it comes to creating a great looking patio. Instead of the regular gray concrete or the time-consuming task of placing bricks to making a patio to use for entertaining, family time, cookouts, or just relaxing, you can have the patio of your dreams using some of these ideas or your own. A concrete patio is the perfect place for spending time outdoors, and it is easy to clean and maintain. It can also help by keeping a lot of the dirt that gets tracked into your home outside.

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