5 Clothing Essentials that every Child needs for Summer Weather


Welcome to the hottest season of the year. This is also the time for summer camp, Vacation Bible Schools, church camps, and many other different activities that aim to keep kids busy during this non-academic period.

Extreme and changing weather takes place during this time of year, as well. It is imperative to prepare our kids to fight the dehydration, exhaustion, and then overheating that comes with spending most of the day in the heat. Summer-proof your children with these 5 clothing essentials that your children must have this summer.

1. Tank Tops– Provided that you are using sunblock to protect your child from UVA rays, always keep tank tops for them to wear around the house, and not so much outside. Regular t-shirts are more protective of sunrays than tank tops.

However, when children are inside the house, allow their bodies to cool as much as possible, and let them wear these very short sleeve shirts in order to keep their body temperatures ready to take over the elements later.

2. Pull-up Cotton Shorts– Cotton is the most breathable fabric, and it keeps heat and sweat at bay. According to Children’s Orchard, “Choose pants that are easy to pull up and down, especially if your child is doing outside activities with a bathing suit underneath.”

Also, pull-up cotton shorts will not push against your child’s belly with buttons and zippers that may get stuck or flip out. Let them throw a shirt over, slip up some cotton shorts, and enjoy their summer away.

3. Outfit-style Bathing Suits- These are not just for the pool, but for the daily comings and goings in the household. Let your kids switch their daily shorts for a bathing suit. You never know when they will have a chance to cool off with a water hose, or with water activities wherever they go visit. Children are likely to gravitate toward water games during this hot time of the year, so have them be prepared by wearing a dressy bathing suit as their outfit.

This is especially good advice for girls. When girls are wearing a bathing suit that properly covers them (they have them now where the bottoms look just like shorts and skirts) they can be doubly protected from someone getting them wet. Their chest area will be protected and they will be able to still sit down and walk around, even if they get wet during a game, fall on a puddle, or play with water.

4. Thick rubber, light Shower Sandals/ “Wet Shoes”– This is very important. According to the CDC, communicable diseases are often mostly found in public bathrooms, public pools, showers, and other places where water is present. Moreover, you do not want your children to get cut by glass, shells, rocks, or any of the debris that comes as a result of high traffic vacation locations. Check out this article by the CDC on how to protect your family during picnics and other highly-visited areas where communicable diseases are more likely to be spread.

Get your children a very comfortable pair of soft shoes that can go in the water. Allow them to use those shoes in public showers (such as those at the beach), at the pool, during water games, and preferably at all times. Thick, light rubber sandals are the best. They now come in unisex styles, and both girls and boys look fashionable enough in them.

5. Head Gear- Any kind of head gear is good head gear, as long as it covers the entire cranial area of your child. According to Parents Magazine, the head area of children is perhaps the most important part of the body to protect from the sun.

The reason for it is that most of the body heat is concentrated in the head area. An overheated head is no different than an internal fever. It can also lead to overheating all over the body, which could translate into a potential heat stroke. This is the last thing you want for your child.

Find a head gear that protects your child’s head, but make sure that it is made of breathable material, with porous fabric that lets the air in and out. We want to protect the direct sunrays to hot the head, but we cannot allow for the head gear to heat up the head even more. Therefore, find a light, air cap or hat that will prevent your child from being too overexposed to the elements.

We love our children and want the best for them. Safety and caution does not have to sacrifice style. Nowadays, companies are doing an excellent job at manufacturing clothing that is as effective as it is fashionable and safe for children. Explore all of your options and pick these five important pieces for your child today.

PS: Do not forget to also encourage hydration, rest, periods of time indoors, cooling off periods, and using sun block protection at all times.