5 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Living Room While on a Budget


Don’t let a small budget deter you when the urge to redecorate your living room strikes. You can create a brand new look and feel in your living room without spending any money at all. So, when inspiration strikes, here are five sure-fire tips to get you started.

  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Shop other rooms
  • Add plants
  • Make your own artwork
  • Paint

Rearrange the Furniture
Rearranging furniture makes a dramatic visual difference. It can even change a room’s purpose. If your seating is arranged for television viewing, rearrange it to create a conversation area. Make a fireplace the focal point. Create a game area or chic social scene by adding a round table, placing several chairs around it. An ottoman becomes an effective coffee table when topped with a large tray. Invite the outdoors in by putting a writing desk or a cozy chair beneath a sunny window.

Having trouble getting started? Arrange-a-Room from Better Homes and Gardens is a free and easy-to-use tool that will help you plan your furniture arrangement.

Shop Other Rooms
Pulling furniture, accessories and artwork from other rooms is one of the best ways to make old seem new. Treat your home like a store and shop around. A nightstand can become an end table, and a bedroom bureau can become a living room sideboard. If you have chairs in both your bedroom and living room, switch them. Gather like items sprinkled throughout your home, such as pottery, and group them on a table, sideboard, mantle or shelf. Gather wall art from other rooms and group them together on one wall for a big impact. Plates and baskets are wonderful items to display in large groups on a wall or shelf.

Add Plants
Plants bring life, color and cheer into a room. The same goes for a vase filled with fresh flowers or greenery. You can purchase plants and bouquets, or you can treat your garden as a store and shop it for potted plants. Create sweet little custom bouquets, or one large elegant display, by snipping branches and flowers from your backyard. You can create a lovely bouquet with whatever you have growing in your garden.

Choose plants according to your room’s decor style. For instance, easy-care succulents are perfect for urban chic, eclectic or southwest styles. Terrariums are enchanting and quite easy to make. This DIY tutorial from the Chicago Tribune provides all the information you need to create your own terrarium.

Make Your Own Artwork
One of the best ways to create big impact on a small budget is with artwork you create yourself. Don’t be afraid to flex your artistic muscles. There are plenty of sources online to help you come up ideas, such as Huffington Post’s 10 Creative Solutions for Blank Walls.

Find a favorite subject and create your own gallery wall. An array of black and white photographs will make a dramatic, elegant statement.

Paint will absolutely change the look of your living room. Whether you decide to paint all the walls or just one as a focal point, the results are undeniably effective. When choosing a wall color, consider how you want the room to feel.

To stimulate conversation and a feeling of warmth, choose warm colors such as red or yellow, or earth tones such as beige or brown. Cool colors such a blue and green evoke a sense of calm. White will make a room feel bright, fresh and clean. For a fun alternative, paint one wall with chalkboard paint, and set a basket of chalk nearby for family and friends.

Also, chairs, tables, bookcases, and frames are given new life with a fresh coat of paint. New Uses said, “A weekend of painting can produce a brand new living space”

These decorating ideas are an inexpensive way to create a first-rate, beautiful living room that fits your budget. For just the cost of paint, a little elbow-grease, and perhaps a few plants, an entirely new atmosphere will emerge, and you can proudly take all the credit for it.

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