5 Best Spots to Hide an Emergency Key


You have to be honest with yourself on this one. How many times have you lost or forgotten your key when coming home? Do the kids accidentally forget their keys at home only to come to a locked house? Having a spare key somewhere near the home is a great idea. But how do you hide your key in a safe place where no one would think of looking?

Further Away from Home

Hiding the key in the standard places of hiding is not a good idea. It is almost like leaving your door unlocked. While finding unusual places of hiding around the premises of your home is a good idea, hiding it somewhere outside your home or yard is even a better one. Even if the key is accidentally found by someone there, no one will know which house it opens. Find a place that is okay to pass by. It could be a crack in a building or a rock on the street that everyone goes by but does not pay attention to. Just make sure that you remember where you hid it.

Vinyl Siding

If you live in a home with a vinyl siding, you can hide the key under the siding fo the vinyl. The little lip on the vinyl siding holds the key in place. This is a great hiding place because most do not know of it, and it is hard to find the key through all the vinyl unless you knew exactly where it was.

In the Garage or Shed

If you have a shed or a garage that is an absolute mess, this one would work great for you. The more chaotic the things are in there, the harder it will be for anyone but yourself to know where your spare keys are. Use a can or a jar with other items inside to bury your key in. Make sure you and everyone in the home know just where they can find it and remember to hide it in the same spot after they are done with it.

Magnetic Box

While you may be locked out of your home, your car is usually always with you. In this case, you can hold your house key in a magnetic box that is attached to your vehicle. This magnetic box holds on strongly to the metal frame of your car. The best places to put the magnetic box are behind the bumper of the car, behind the license plate in the front of the car, behind the tire, and behind the gas tank door.

In the Rain Gutter

If you have rain gutters around your home, you can use those as a safe place to hide your keys. Remember that only rain gutters that have the rain pouring on the bottom can be used. On the top part of the gutter where the rain does not flow, use heavy-duty duct tape or velcro strip to attach the key to the gutter.

Be Creative With Key hiding

When hiding your keys, use spots that are not obvious and not so many people use. Also, use spots that require more effort to be discovered by someone who does not know exactly where the key is. Put yourself in other people’s shoes, and use your imagination when choosing the best hiding spot.

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