5 Amenities I Wish Were Included in Our Home


There are times we look at our homes and feel something is missing. It’s hard to put our finger on. It’s not until you realize your home is working against you, rather than with you. With certain amenities, your home could be more enjoyable. Your mood might be happier. Here are five amenities I wish were included in our home.

1. Pool

Having a pool can change a lot of things. You can bring more friends over. The backdrop of a pool creates a beautiful environment for weekend parties. Exercise isn’t such a bother when you have a pool. You can exercise day or night. Pools offer privacy when working out. Who wouldn’t want to float in silence for hours to collect your thoughts?

2. Car Charger

For those with electric cars, it’s great to see a home with a built in charger. It’s also good for those thinking about getting an electric car and moving into a new house. Cuts down on all the time you spend on the road searching for the nearest charge.

3. Great View

Having a great view at your house is both relaxing and peaceful. Some views are captivating where you barely want to walk outside into the noisy city. A good view takes hold of us and lets our minds go free while staring off into the distance. It sounds corny, but a home with a magnificent view can ease stress. They offer silence when we most need it. They’re fun to stare at no matter what time it is. If you’re lucky where you see stars from your location, a great view is the amenity to have.

4. Inside Washer and Dryer

To some, having a washer and dryer inside might not be an amenity, but it is. Several homes are bought with the washer and dryer along the house or across the yard. For some reason, walking back and forth to the laundry outside didn’t bother you at the time of purchase. Three years later, you’ve had enough of the trekking back and forth. Every homeowner needs a washer and dryer inside the house. No one wants to do the laundry in the rain or during a snow storm.

5. Library

Homes where a room is sectioned off as a library is a great addition to your house. You get to nestle up with a book sitting in silence for hours. They’re perfect for doing research and having the right reference books around you. You can keep all paperwork in one place. Most of us spread them out on the floor and work from there. It’s also a room you can use to get away and think. Home libraries are a must in anyone’s new home.

These are some of the five amenities I wish were included in our home. A pool would give off more encouragement to workout. We could have more parties and meet new people. A car charger cuts down on riding all around town for the next charge. It’s also a lot safer. A great view offers us a chance to stare out in the distance and leave our worries behind. A washer and dryer in the house is an absolute must. This way you don’t start to hate doing laundry. A home library can help with those who need a lot space for studying or working on a research project.

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