4 Ways to Increase Your Home Security


Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. One part of this responsibility is making sure your home remains secure. In fact, this is the most important thing you can do. Your family needs to be kept safe at all times. If you don’t secure your home, the consequences can be severe. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a family member was home during almost a third of robberies.

Take your responsibility seriously and take steps to increase the security of your home. Below are four ways how:

1. Choose the Right Neighborhood
It may be the simplest advice, but it’s sadly something that many people don’t consider when choosing where to live. Always check a neighborhood’s crime-rate. While you can put a lot of money into a home security system, that system is not going to protect your family members if there is gang violence and gunplay right out your front door.

Make finding a safe neighborhood a priority for your family. If you have to work in a large city with a high crime rate, do a daily commute from a safer neighborhood. While the inner-city can be convenient in regards to access to what a large city can offer, that often comes with a large trade-off in regards to having to deal with things like crime at a much higher frequency. According to CBS Chicago, the city has 884.26 violent crimes per capita. The crime rate for nearby Northwest Indiana, however, is much lower.

2. Install a Security System
However, not everyone has the ability to simply move to the safest location. If that is the case, you more than likely need to install a security system in your home. According to Modern Systems Inc., there should be multiple elements to a security system. This includes an alarm system that goes off every time a person tries to make an unauthorized entry into your home. Not only should there be an alarm that can be heard, but it should also inform the proper authorities of a break-in automatically.

A second element should consist of surveillance cameras. This can help alert you of an unwanted presence outside your home. It can also provide valuable evidence for the police. Even the mere presence of a security system outside a home can itself be enough to ward off criminals selecting homes for a robbery attempt.

3. Invest in “Smart” Security
You may have a smart phone that you use to connect to the internet and run apps. However, did you know you can also have a “smart” security system as well? Thanks to new technologies like Wi-Fi internet, you can integrate smart tech into your security system. For example, your surveillance cameras can be set up to send video feeds to a Wi-Fi connection. With an app, you’ll be able to view the security camera footage even while hundreds of miles away from your home.

Your door lock can also be made more secure with smart tech. Instead of using a traditional key hole that could be opened with a lock pick, you could install a finger print scanner to insure that only your family has access. Your door locks can also be set up to be controlled remotely through a Wi-Fi connection as well. If you forget to lock your door before leaving for dinner, you can simply use a smart phone app to lock the door from the restaurant. According to CBS News, 33 percent of homes with smart tech use smart security system features.

4. Use Motion Sensors
Something else that you should take advantage of to increase your home’s security is motion sensors. Motion sensors can be integrated into your home security system to trip alarms and flip on surveillance footage. This is especially useful if you are concerned with only activating your system when it’s actually needed.

However, motion sensors for lights can also be purchased separately for relatively cheap. When the sensors detect motion outside your home, a bright flood light will switch on. If there is a would-be robber outside, chances are he will make his escape instead of attempting a break-in. The light will certainly increase the chances that he will be seen and that the authorities will be immediately contacted. Just insure that your motion sensors are always working by testing them multiple times a year.

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