4 Tricks to Making the Most of Your Casino Trip


The intention of taking a trip to a casino is to have a good time and enjoy yourself. It’s helpful if you study a few games that you might want to play so that you are betting to your advantage. However, if you just want some no-nonsense advice on how to simply make the bankroll that you take last as long as possible, here are four tricks that you can utilize on your next casino trip.

1- Players Club Benefits

A good technique to get into the habit of doing is signing up for the players club whenever you visit a casino. This gives you the opportunity to earn points and benefits every time that you use your players club card. In some casinos, free play for cash is given when you redeem your points. Typically, you are comped with extra ways that you can play and win money. These free points also come in handy if you decide to shop for spend money in other areas of the casino, not just on the games. Depending on the size of the casino, they may also provide entertainment, restaurants and gift shops. If you’re going to be spending money in these places anyway, be sure to rack up available points so that you can get more benefits. Another big bonus of signing up for the players club is that you can get on a mailing list. Often, casinos will send out discount opportunities to their patrons who are loyal. By getting on an email list, you will have a leg up on discounts that are being offered.

2- Slow Play

There are many different types of games to play at the casino. Slots is probably one of the favorites by many individuals. One strategy to consider using when you play slots is to just slow down. Enjoy the game and all of its bells and whistles. “By slowing down, your play will be extended, and you won’t run out of money as quick,” said Table Mountain Casino. Video poker is another great game to play. It requires you to stop and choose how many cards you want and that slows down gameplay. In fact, by taking a few moments to really think about the cards that you are currently holding, you might make better choices and possibly win more cash.

Also considering taking plenty of breaks in between your gaming. Stretch your legs by heading out of the casino and grabbing some fresh air. Casinos are known for providing great snacks and items to eat. Grab a quick bite and stop by the area where they are televising horse races and put a few dollars into a simple bet. You may also want to consider playing with someone else. This allows you to share the excitement when you win.

3- Lower Denominations and Creating a Bankroll

If you’re going to spend a few days or even a few hours at a casino and plan on gambling, it’s imperative that you bring along a bankroll that contains nothing more than you want to lose. It’s too easy to get caught up in all the lights, action and ambience and forget that you are just there to have some fun. The house always has an edge so you need to wisely play your dollars dollars to ensure that your time is well spent. If you’re playing dollar slots and your money is being spent quicker than you’d like, consider switching over to quarters or nickels and trying your luck with that. Often, slots will allow you to play multiple lines at once. The odds are greater for you to win, but your money goes into the machine much faster. Play fewer lines at once to ensure that your bankroll doesn’t evaporate within minutes.

4- Search For Promotions

Casinos are always looking to bring in new business. Smart casino goers will look for discounts and promotions. Often, casinos will celebrate holidays and provide extra bonuses. Try planning your trip around these special events. Free drawings are also offered by many casinos. By taking advantage of these, you may win a few extras. Promotions also can include free spins or gameplay on promotional machines. Keep your eye out for these opportunities take advantage of them when you can.