4 Tips for Selecting a Residential Realty Company


The residential realty company that you choose, whether you’re selling or buying a home, is vital to the entire process. The agent will be able to guide you through the transaction from beginning to end, which is important if you’ve never sold or bought a home before. These tips will help you pick the right agent for you since not every real estate agent or company is the same, and your situation requires an agent who can adapt to your needs.

Experience in the Business
The experience of your realty company will directly impact how long it takes to sell your home. Experience realty agents will have knowledge that the beginner won’t have. “Ask how many buyers or sellers they’ve had who have similar needs as your own,” said Revid Property Management. While many realty agents sell homes in their spare time, you want a full-time agent who will be able to devote the entire day to finding you the buyer or home you want and need. A part-time agent isn’t going to have the time to devote to you and her other clients. You want someone who treats this as their full-time business since they’ll have a dedication unseen with part-time agents.

Along with years of dedicated, full-time experience in the business, you want a licensed agent. The state’s real estate licensing board will have information about your potential agent. You’ll be able to see if there are complaints too. You should be able to find knowledge online.

Recent Satisfied Clients
You want to ask for references before you place all your trust in a realty company. When you ask for references, have the agent give you a satisfied customer as well as one who might not have been completely satisfied. Think of this as if it was a job interview. Find out why the person wasn’t completely satisfied with their service. This will take out the self-promotion that many real estate agents are prone to do. You’ll be able to talk to clients that might not have been completely satisfied, which might not be a deal breaker depending on how they handled the dissatisfaction.

If the agent or realty company handles repeat business, that could be an indication that they are dedicated to their client’s needs. When you’re given names, make sure you follow up with a conversation. You want to hear exactly what the agent did to warrant the prior client’s approval.

Geographic Areas and Properties
When it comes to residential properties, the type of property as well as the geographic area can require specific knowledge and expertise. Historic homes or rural properties can have regulations and require special knowledge of restrictions. Many agents will often specialize in a niche like this. They’ll brand themselves as an expert on historic homes or condos. You’ll need to consider this when hiring an agent.

If your agent has specific knowledge of homes in a certain area, that’s another point to consider. They’ll know the quirks and have vital information about the neighborhoods on a deeper level than someone who doesn’t know the area well. They might have unique and unorthodox ways of marketing your home too. A first-time buyer might want to have an agent who specializes since they’ll have more patience than other agents.

How Often Will They Communicate
It’s vital that you find out how often the agent will communicate with you. An agent who takes days to get back to you isn’t necessarily going to respond to time-sensitive deadlines like that needed with bids. It’s best to find an agent who is willing to communicate in a timely manner in a way that works for you. Some people like to communicate by text, email or phone. They should be flexible.

In some cases a busy agent in a realty company will work with others like assistants and office staff. Find out if you’ll have access to your agent when you choose. For some people this might be an issue, but not for others. You’ll have to decide the method that makes you comfortable. First-time buyers might need to touch base with their agent personally more than others. Keep that in mind.

The residential realty company and agent that you choose will hold your hand through the entire transaction, so you’ll want someone that has specialized knowledge and makes you comfortable.