4 Things to Consider When Buying Presents Using Coupons


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There is no social rule in trying to save money on a gift by using a coupon. In fact, most people nowadays appreciate frugality and getting a good deal. While this may be true, you may not necessarily want your gift recipient to know the lengths you went through to get a good deal on their gift. Consider the following helpful hints and tricks in making the most of coupons for gifts.

1. Ask for a Gift Receipt
A gift receipt is a polite and convenient way to give your recipient the option of being able to exchange a gift without necessarily disclosing how much you spent on the gift. If you are checking out at a register, asking for an additional gift receipt takes no time at all. Consider including it in the package itself or in the card so that it is easy for the recipient to find. Your recipient will appreciate the flexibility to exchange a gift that is not necessarily the right size for them and will never have to know what a good deal that you got on their present. Gift receipts are truly the best of both worlds.

2. Do Your Homework Ahead of Time
The key to being able to get a great deal on a gift using a coupon is to leave yourself plenty of time to find a fantastic deal on the right item. When buying a gift for someone else, it may be more difficult to find an item that you want a discount for. Be prepared in advance to play the waiting game in terms of the right item going on sale or being eligible for a promotion. If you wait too long to start shopping for the perfect gift, your options are more limited and you may end up paying full price in the end. Gift shopping in advance will allow you to stay within your budget and still find the perfect gift.

You will also want to do your research on which stores accept student I.D.s for discounts. If you are a teacher or a military member, you may also be eligible for deeper discounts from certain stores. Sometimes, these discounts are only available on certain days of the week, so it is best to check out the policies before you show up at the store to buy your gift.

3. Consider the Season
According to CouponCabin, if you are buying a gift for someone in advance, consider the season to find which items are more likely to have a deeper discount. For example, if you are going to buy a sweater as a Christmas gift, then you may get a better price in warmer weather because retail stores are trying to move out their merchandise that is not in season. Along those same lines, discounts are typically deeper at the end of the season for certain items. For example, if you are going to purchase an outdoor game, it is more likely to be on sale at the end of summer than at the beginning of the season. If it does not matter if your gift is out of season, then you can save extra on your special gift.

4. Watch Out for Gift Card Deals
Some stores will offer a deeper discount when you purchase a store gift card. For instance, many businesses run promotions that give you an extra $10 gift card when you purchase a $50. Depending on the amount that you need to spend on your gift, the extra gift card could either help you make your final purchase or be used as the gift itself. These promotions are very popular around the holidays, so be on the lookout for deals from your favorite stores. When you combine gift cards with coupons, you can save even more, which makes taking your time to find these special deals all the more worthwhile. Before you visit the store, check online to see what deals and promotions are currently being offered to save yourself a trip.

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