4 Storage Ideas for Your Antique Dream Car


Cars can be a fun hobby to get into. This is especially true of classic cars. A beautiful car from the distant pass is sometimes just the thing needed to brighten up someone’s present situation.

Upkeep is the name of the game with an antique car. In fact, making sure that an old car looks good and runs properly is the majority of the fun for most people who own cars like this. It becomes a project in and of itself to maintain an old machine and make sure that it remains fully functional.

One of the most important ways to maintain an old car is to provide it with a proper storage space. For obvious reasons, you cannot just leave an antique car out on the street and expect it to be fine.

Beautiful antique cars are more prone to being stolen when left out. They are also more susceptible to the elements. Rain, snow, and the plain old sun can cause a hot of problems for an old car that is past its prime. There are several ways to properly store an old car.


A tarp is the easiest and most affordable way to store your old car. A tarp is a large cloth covering that goes over the top of a vehicle, usually while it is being stored in a driveway. It protects the vehicle from the elements and obscures the car from being identified from people on the street.

It does not unfortunately offer full protection from nature’s wrath. It can also be removed rather easily if somebody was so inclined. It is is better than nothing, however.


If you have your own house, than it probably comes with its own garage. Sometimes the garage is directly connected to the house and sometimes this garage is located in its own separate structure.

A garage in a well built house is the ultimate form of protection for a car. It offers security from both other people and the elements. The downside to consider when looking at moving any kind of a car into a garage is space. Most garages are not very big and many people use them as a storage space.

Perhaps you cannot spare the storage space or maybe you cannot bare the thought of something in the garage falling and damaging your car. If this is the case then consider some of the other options for storing your antique car.


This is once again only available to people who own their own home. Of course, if you are going to shell out the cash to purchase an old car then you probably already are a homeowner.

A backyard provides lots of privacy and plenty of space to put a car. It does not however offer protection from the elements unless there is an awning of some sort. If your backyard does not have an awning, consider using a trap.

Storage Facility

It might seem rather odd, but some people use rented storage facilities to house their cars. With enhanced security and plenty of space as long as you can pay for it, storage facilities offer an innovative solution for people who are looking for a place to put their car.

Storing an antique car can sometimes be as tricky as maintaining one of these vehicles in the first place. Pick the spot that best suits your car’s needs. Remember, antique cars are fun and deserve to treated with respect.

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