4 Simple Ways to Organize Your Jewelry


Jewelry is the perfect thing to pair with any outfit. A well chosen piece of jewelry looks great with many types of looks. A single gold bracelet can call attention to well toned arms and an elegant black dress. A statement necklace is the perfect way to add pizzazz to even the most ordinary outfit. It’s important to keep any jewelry collection organized. This way, you don’t have to spend too much searching for the exact piece you want. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to organize your jewelry.

Use Recycled Materials

Tap into material you’re not using and create a jewelry organizer from objects you might otherwise throw away. For example, you can use old glass bottles as holders for your bracelets. Clean them carefully. Then line them up against a wall. Place bracelets on top of the bottles. Another good way to reuse materials for your jewelry is with old cardboard boxes. Glue varied sizes together in a single row. Cut open the front. Paint each box different colors depending on the type of jewelry you intend to store there. For example, red can be used for bracelets while blue is reserved for earrings. Discarded cardboard egg holders can be used to hold small rings and your favorite pins.

Show Off Your Other Collections

Another way to show off your jewelry collection is by using your existing collections as well. For example, if you have a nice collection of tea cups, use them to store your jewelry. Store different sized jewelry in different sized cups. Drape the jewelry around the sides of a collection of teapots. The display will draw attention to your jewelry and your other favorite objects. A small group of pictures and mirror frames also make the ideal place to keep your jewelry. Necklaces work well against pictures and picture frames, helping to bring out the details of the necklaces and the pictures at the same time.

Use Existing Organizers

Many kinds of jewelry organizers can be found on the market today. The right one for you needs depends on many factors. If you have lots of jewelry, consider buying multiple kinds of jewelry organizes and storing them in a single place. Clear plastic organizers allow you to see the jewelry you’re looking for instantly. Other types of organizers are equally useful. Make over your sock drawer to hold and organize your jewelry. Small compartments make it easy to use space that might otherwise go to waste. Many such organizers are shallow so you can stack several of them in a single drawer and have enough space for all of your jewelry collection. An over the door jewelry organizer is the ideal thing to use if space is at a premium. Look for ones with lots of varied sized pockets and looped necklace holders. Metal pegs can e fastened to the walls and then used for your entire jewelry collection.

Get Creative

If you love to get creative with your jewelry, you can also get creative with storing it. Take a few tree branches. Clean them off, paint them and then place on large bottle. The slender tree branches look elegant against a painted all and provide plenty of space to put your jewelry. If you want to show off your jewelry against a wall another way, spray paint an existing series of wooden jewelry boxes a bright color. Hang the jewelry boxes against a white wall. Add a small row of pegs at the bottom of the box for additional storage. If you’re in the middle of redoing your house, don’t throw out those old draw handles and the knobs to your draws. Larger and smaller handles work best when mixed together for a unique and eclectic look. Screw them to a piece of plywood. This gives you a one of a kind personalized jewelry hanger that also reminds you of your old spaces at the same time.

A few trips will help you find your jewelry quickly and easily. You can also add a splash of varied color along your walls at the same time. No need to spend a lot of time or money.

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