4 Reasons to Rent a Luxury Villa on Your Vacation


Luxury villas are quickly becoming a popular rental option for travelers who want to get the most out of their vacation experience. According to the NYTimes, more and more people every year are turning to luxury villas as a rental option over the standard hotels and bed and breakfasts they would have stayed at in the past.

There are several reasons why this type of getaway is growing in popularity, and – if you are considering a vacation of your own in the future – you should consider the benefits of a luxury villa before booking that hotel. Here are 4 reasons to rent a luxury villa on your vacation.

1. You Get More Value with Your Rental

Sure, renting a luxury villa can seem a bit costly compared to booking a more affordable hotel or bed and breakfast. However, making the decision to add a bit more luxury to your vacation experience actually comes with a whole lot more value.

Regardless of what you pay for a hotel stay, at the end of the day you are really only paying for a room to sleep in. Renting a luxury villa on the other hand will get you a lot more bang for your buck. These types of rentals come packed with luxury amenities for you and whoever you’re traveling with to enjoy.

From the additional space, the views, the superior comfort, and all of the extra bells and whistles tied into the price of your rental, you are getting a whole lot more value when you decide to treat yourself to the luxury villa experience.

2. You Will Have a More Private Experience

Whether you are traveling alone to get away from everyday stresses or traveling with loved ones to spend some quality time together, one thing is certain: you definitely want some privacy on your vacation.

By renting a luxury villa, you are almost always guaranteeing that you and whoever you’re traveling with have the privacy you desire. You won’t have to stay in one small room to enjoy some peace and quiet or alone time. You will have the peace and quiet to enjoy the property for all it’s worth without worrying about other vacationers disturbing you.

3. The Views Are Incredible

Even at the most gorgeous hotel, a nice view typically comes with a few eyesores. Busy shared pools, crowded grounds, a parking lot, or even just the building itself. A hotel was built because people enjoy the vacation attractions nearby, not necessarily the building or the property itself.

Luxury villas, however, are tucked away on their own properties where you can enjoy the beautiful estate for everything it’s worth. Wake up in the morning, open the windows or go outside, and take in the sights around you undisturbed. Villas were built specifically to be grand and beautiful, so you know exactly what to expect when you rent one for your own vacation.

4. They Are Perfect for Group Vacations

It can be a pain to book a hotel for a large group. If you have ever planned a vaction for your family or a large group of friends, then you know the headache of trying to book rooms close enough together to be convenient or searching for a bed and breakfast that can actually comfortably accommodate the size of your party.

This isn’t something you have to worry about when renting a luxury villa for your vacation. The properties are large and spacious, with more than enough room to fit you and your fellow travelers comfortably. You will all be together without having to live on top of one another during your stay. And everyone will be sure to enjoy the amenities and beauty that comes along with the villa itself.

These are just a few of the reasons to rent a luxury villa on your vacation. As CNN states, people these days want to relax in the privacy of a luxury building instead of hotel because it takes away all of the headache and stress that you’re trying to avoid on your vacation in the first place.