4 Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart on Your Next Beach Vacation


The sun kissing your skin, the waves crashing in front of you, and the warmth of the sand all await you on your next beach vacation. Along with those wonderful parts of spending a few days at the beach come some nuisances. Carrying your gear through the sand every day, walking everywhere, and struggling to find parking if you drive can make your vacation seem less like a paradise and more like work. Consider renting a golf cart on your next beach trip to save time and energy, and have more fun!

1. You can carry your gear without the struggle.
Even when the burden is split among a family of four, it can be hard to carry an umbrella, towels, sunscreen, water, and a cooler full of snacks to the beach. Use the trunk of your golf cart to make everyone’s life easier. You can even bring along a small organizer to keep all your supplies in one place easily. Save money by filling a cooler with drinks and snacks instead of buying them at the beach. Load it all in the back of your golf cart and hit the sand without the effort!

2. You can get around quicker.
In most beach towns, the streets are very friendly to golf carts and pedal-powered carts, according to Santa Rosa Beach Golf Cart Rentals. Take advantage of this by visiting the hot spots near your hotel via golf cart. You can skip traffic and zip there quickly, and many establishments have special parking for golf carts. Even without a special lot, golf carts can fit into even the most compact spaces, and parallel parking is a dream. Rent a golf cart and shorten your commute to maximize the time you can spend enjoying your vacation. For a list of beach towns that use golf carts as the main mode of transport, click here.

3. Golf carts let you keep cool in the summer heat.
The warm sand and bright sun are great, but they can become too hot after a while. You can use your golf cart as a source of shade while at the beach, or take a ride and enjoy a cool breeze to take a break from the heat. Most golf carts come equipped with cup holders, so you can bring along an ice cold drink to quench your thirst as you drive. Zipping past the cranky families carrying their things back from the beach in the heat of the day will make you happy you chose to ride in style in a golf cart.

4. Golf carts are better for the environment than cars.
These electric vehicles are a better alternative to cars because they leave no pollution behind. Even those that run on gas use significantly less gas than cars to take your family the same distance. Even the most luxurious golf carts are still powered by less energy than cars. Enjoy the beauty of the beach knowing that your electric golf cart is helping keep those beaches beautiful.

If these reasons haven’t convinced you to rent a golf cart on your next beach vacation, here’s a fifth reason: Golf carts are fun! Even if you don’t have a planned destination, taking a joy ride in a golf cart is a great way to have family fun without spending extra money. Most beach towns have golf cart rentals available right on the beach, so you can settle into your hotel and then pick the cart that best suits your family. There are the typical 2-4 seat vehicles, and even larger versions with up to 8 seats, and some have handicap ramps and a wheelchair area. There’s a golf cart for everyone, and they can make your beach vacation into a tropical paradise.