4 Reasons to Build Your House Greener


If you hadn’t considered the “greenness” of your future home, then now is the time to give the issue some attention. In this day in age, it is simply foolish to build a house without energy efficiency and environmental impact in mind. There are just too many reasons why building a greener home makes sense. Four of those reasons are listed below.

Help the Environment

The most obvious benefit of a greener home is the positive effect your decision will have on the environment. At this point, the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions is common knowledge. Inefficient use of gas and electricity are contributing to rising global temperatures, which will have serious- and maybe even catastrophic- consequences. By making your home green, you become part of the solution to this global problem.

Proper insulation and well-fitting windows and doors in your home will reduce the use of heating or air conditioning systems. Using LED light bulbs and designing your home to take advantage of natural light will cut down on electricity use, as will opting for energy efficient appliances and electronics. The use of solar panels will further decrease your carbon footprint. All of this will represent you doing your part to lessen the devastating effects of climate change.

There are other ways a greener house can help the environment beyond the fight against climate change. Smart installations can enhance recycling and reduce waste, thereby helping to keep trash out of landfills. And the conscious selection of building materials will help preserve natural resources.

Health Benefits

By investing in a green home, you will create a safer living space for you and your family. Many typical building supplies can have serious harmful effects on the human body. From lead paint to certain mattresses, many items and substances in a normal home are downright dangerous. Acknowledged carcinogens abound in many plastics, as do irritants and toxins. And many typical materials used in construction and furniture are prone to collecting moisture, which in turn promotes the growth of harmful molds. All of this puts your health at risk.

In a greener home, however, many of these dangers will be avoided. Harmful paints and plastics can be eschewed in favor of their safe alternatives. Using moisture-resistant products can eliminate the growth of mold. You can also install special systems that boost the air quality of your home’s interior. All these methods will make your house a safer and more comfortable place to live.

Down-the-Road Savings

The eco-friendly installations of a greener home will keep your future monthly expenses amazingly low. The price of energy efficient appliances might make you balk at first. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the greener option is out of your price range. While the initial purchase may indeed cost a little more, the lower utility bills will save you bundles in the future. To cheap out on energy inefficient appliances is a classic example of being penny wise, pound foolish. The use of solar panels will also keep your utility bill down, allowing you to recoup your initial expense and then some.

A Finished Home, Faster

Many eco-friendly options will expedite the construction process and have you living in your newly-completed home faster than you could have imagined. The use of locally-purchased materials, typical in the construction of green homes because it cuts down on emissions from transportation, will also lessen the time you waste waiting around for parts to arrive. Greener homes also tend to be smaller, and therefore quicker to build. And if you really want to go green and get your house completed quickly, you can always choose a ready-made, prefabricated, eco-friendly kit.

When constructing your new home, be sure to think seriously about choosing the greenest available options. With such obvious benefits, from lessening your carbon footprint to bolstering your bank account, there is every reason to go green.

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