4 Reasons Regular Worship is Vital for Spiritual Growth


No matter what religion you are, participating in regular worship can change your life. Often, it has less to do with the actual worship than you think. In fact, it may be more about spiritual growth in a general sense. Here are the top reasons why worship on the regular can improve your life.

1. It helps you focus more on what truly matters.
First, attending worship services on a regular basis or worshipping on your own or with your family at home helps you look at your life from a bird’s eye view. In other words, the way that worship helps you take a step back and examine your life can be beneficial because it shows you what truly matters.

So many times in life, we focus too much on the little things. We are mad we didn’t get that promotion at work. We get angry at ourselves for not being able to provide everything we want to for our children. We feel guilty for little comments or lies we told in the past. We want more than we truly need.

In actuality, every one of these things is a trifle. These things are not important in the real sense of life, and regular worship can help us see that and appreciate that in a whole new way.

2. It binds yourself to your spiritual community.
“Part of worship is having a community,” said Light of Life Church. Your religious or spiritual community can have a great impact on your life. Not only can they provide support to you and your family during difficult physical, emotional and financial times. But a community can also help you realize how important it is to help others as well.

When you see the great things that a spiritual community can do for you, you see the true merit of having these individuals and families in you and your family’s life. But of course, these ties need to be consistently strengthened, and the best way to do this is during regular worship at your place of worship or spiritual practice.

3. It’s a personal sacrifice that holds you accountable.
Most humans want to seek comfort. In fact, we may not feel that we actually want to seek it, but we do nevertheless. It’s in our hearts.

But when we do something that goes against what is naturally comfortable and what challenges those needs for comfort, we truly realize how good for us it can be to hold ourselves accountable and follow through. Religious and spiritual is not easy. Often, we don’t want to face our spiritual community, we don’t want to look face first at pain and we feel we have too many other things to do with our time.

If we just take a moment to take a deep breath and decide against forgoing spiritual worship, however, we can see what a good decision this actually is. It motivates us, and over time, this commitment to practice, spiritual unity and a strong spiritual community can change us for the better.

4. It helps you face challenges and pain head on.
Last but certainly not least, attending spiritual or religious worship on a regular basis is a great line of defense against pain and suffering. Of course, that’s not always so easy to see at first, but it certainly is a positive thing you can do for yourself when you’re facing one of life’s many struggles or perhaps more than one.

When we do not attend spiritual worship on a regular basis, it’s fairly amazing how easy it is to completely forget ourselves and pretend like things are fine. When there is suffering that we notice, we put it out of our minds. Of course, this always comes back to haunt us, and soon, we are completely overwhelmed by something that we had been trying to suppress.

Going to spiritual worship helps us to face our challenges, pain and suffering head on every week or even every day. We are never trying to forget our pain. It is there with us all the time. But that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing because it keeps us focused on what’s important. And what’s important is always love, compassion and openness.