4 Problems with Not Repairing Roof Damage Right Away


Even the best built roof is bound to need repairs from time to time. As well, changing weather patterns, determined animals and simple old age can wreak their own kind of havoc on your roof. Sometimes, and especially if the damage seems minor, it can feel tempting to just let the repair issue go unaddressed, at least until there is some more major damage that also needs attention.

Unfortunately, failing to repair damage to the roof in a timely manner can cause more problems than just a dent in your budget, including the 4 problems outlined here.

Problem 1Un-repaired leaks can lead to mold and mildew.
It is one thing to have to put out a few buckets if the sky happens to open up. It is quite another to have to bring in a professional remediation crew to remove mold and mildew from all of the many places it can hide inside your home.

Mold requires approximately 70 percent humidity to begin growing (the average air conditioned home has between 30 and 50 percent humidity). An active leak can provide plenty of humidity to allow mold to grow long before it is detectable by smell or sight.

What this means is that even a small leak that goes un-repaired can in time develop into mildew and then mold. The presence of mold and mildew can make it hard to sell your home. It can also lead to health problems, including exacerbation of existing respiratory issues such as asthma.

Problem 2Missing shingles can lead to replacement rather than repair.
It would be easy enough to let a few shingles go missing and not think much of it. Broken, cracked or warped shingles tend to fall into the same category. Unfortunately, with time, damaged shingles can become too warped and brittle to be repaired.

This means that instead of simply patching up damaged shingles, you will be facing a whole replacement job. Once the number of missing shingles begins to increase, you may be looking at up to $7 per square foot to have a roofing crew come in and replace them when it would have been cheaper to patch them up instead.

Problem 3Unaddressed hail or snow damage can turn into a roof replacement.
If you live in a climate that regularly gets hail and/or ice and snow, you already know how heavy accumulations can be. So does your roof, and over time, its ability to easily bear the weight can decline. This is particularly true when the roof has sustained previously damage from hail, ice or snow.

If the image of your roof literally caving in from a pile of accumulated snow, you can already visualize the worst that can happen from not repairing hail or snow damaged shingles and shakes right away.

Problem 4Damaged flashing that is not repaired or replaced can lead to water damage inside your home.
Flashing is a term that refers to the special water and weather resistant insulation that is installed to protect your home from water damage. Flashing can easily become damaged just due to old age. When wind lifts away or hail/snow cracks shingles or shakes, the flashing then become exposed to the elements and can be similarly compromised.

At this point, you are facing the possibility of water damage inside your home, with an additional risk of mold and mildew beginning to grow inside your drywall, crawl spaces, attic or basement areas. These can be expensive repairs (see Problem 1 here for more) that are easily sidestepped by simply repairing the damaged flashing quickly.

As a homeowner, you have much to learn, including lots of new terminology and a complex-seeming schedule of routine maintenance to perform. But the incentive for you to learn the lingo and stick to the schedule is to sidestep pricey major repairs by performing routine minor checks and repairs. Restoration Roofing said, “By getting in the habit of regularly examining your roof for minor maintenance issues and addressing them as they occur, you will pay a fraction of what it would cost to treat major problems that unfold down the road.”