4 Major Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning


There are several carpet cleaning techniques, all offering different benefits to the users. Among the various methods, green cleaning is arguably the most beneficial. Carpets take a daily beating, dirt, food particles, and sticky liquids can lead to a major mess deep within the fibers of a rug. As a result, bacteria, dust mites, and mold may lurk beneath the surface. Green cleaning is fast becoming the most popular method of carpet cleaning and not only for residential but also for commercial carpets. Regrettably, quite a number of people are still unaware of the advantages offered by green cleaning and instead prefer using water. In this article, we explore the benefits of green carpet cleaning.

1. Reduces water and energy consumption
Green cleaning methods reduce more than just solid waste by also ensuring the least possible amounts of energy and water are used to deliver results. This technique offers a reliable cleaning experience without the necessity of having to worry about carbon footprint. The use of fewer chemical products means even lesser processing and limited burning of fossil fuels to achieve the cleanliness you desire. Most people believe carpets can only be truly cleaned using large quantities of water, which leads to waste.

2. Green cleaning saves time
Among the most beneficial factors of using the green cleaning technique is the fact that your carpet is left completely dry and ready to use without having to wait for long periods. Traditional wet carpet cleaning methods require an average of about 24 hours to dry, consequently making the section being cleaned unusable for the entire time.

Green carpet cleaning methods, therefore, make it possible to clean stores, nursing homes, commercial offices, and other common areas such as lobbies, lifts, and access corridors during trading or regular working hours. According to Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning, the use of green carpet cleaning techniques allows for foot traffic in the areas being cleaned, providing the possibility of normal and uninterrupted functioning. Dry carpet cleaning, therefore, eliminates the need to have your staff either stay late or open on weekends for cleaning, offering a more flexible and efficient approach to solving the problem of dirty carpets.

3. Green Cleaning is safe
Mold exists in massive quantities throughout the United States, and it only takes a little moisture to bring the particles to life, which might lead to an infestation in your home. Such infestations often begin with damp carpets, especially since mold is persistent and hardy. Green carpet cleaning helps to ensure a reduction of mold, which in turn protects your entire household from potentially serious respiratory issues.

The elderly, children, and individuals suffering from respiratory complications are more at risk due to the possibility of inhaling chemical fumes, which means the natural cleaning products employed when using green cleaning methods are a lot safer even immediately after cleaning. Fewer fumes mean you no longer need to worry about having to air out your carpet once you are done cleaning. Additionally, the detergents used in the other cleaning methods can cause damage to the environment.

In addition to mold, toxic fumes, and irritants, pollutants such as cigarette residue and dust particles lead to poor indoor air quality. In a multi-unit residence, issues with indoor air are mostly due to the infiltration of shared halls and ducts with pollutants.

Many people are quite sensitive to airborne pollution and even though pet dander and pollen are the most common irritants, several other airborne allergens should concern you. As a matter of fact, indoor air is at times stuffed with more airborne particles compared to outdoor air. Green cleaning helps to eliminate a higher proportion of the particles and allergens that cause issues such as itching and sneezing, which allows for easy breathing and even contributes to the relief of sinus symptoms.

4. Green cleaning is cheap
Green cleaning is more efficient, safer, and to top it all, much more affordable when compared to the other carpet cleaning techniques. In comparison to conventional cleaning techniques, green cleaning can also be performed over a larger area in a single visit, which means that you typically save more on both time and money. When correctly implemented, green cleaning also results in a longer lasting cleanliness and helps to improve the feel and look of your carpet, making the maintenance of lush and lively carpets possible for an even longer duration. Green cleaning can be easily done using standard cleaning ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil. You will not have to spend more money on cleaning agents since you can use products that are available in your pantry.