4 Landscaping Projects to Compete This Spring


Spring brings longer days with more sunshine and warmer temperatures, making it ideal for vegetation growth and regeneration. The weather conditions in the spring months often entice homeowners to step outside and devote time to sprucing up their property’s exterior. The good news is that after the last threat of a freeze in your area has passed, this is an excellent time to take on a number of great outdoor projects. These are a few wonderful spring yard projects that you can use to improve your property in different ways.

1- Dress Up Your Flower Beds

Many residential properties have at least a few flower beds. The winter can be harsh on these areas of the yard. Many of your bushes may have survived the winter, but your flowers likely did not. Now is a great time to take stock of the plants that made it through winter and to replace the ones that did not. Think about using native plants that are more tolerant to your local weather conditions as they may be more likely to survive the next winter. In addition, choose the color of the flowers carefully to ensure that they correspond well with the colors on the house and found throughout the yard. While you also want to spend time focusing on the flowers, re-mulching the flower beds is another great idea that deserves your attention this season. According to Distinctive Outdoor Spaces LLC, mulch helps keep your plants hydrated and prevents weed growth. It also gives your flower beds a finished look that enhances curb appeal.

2- Re-Sod the Lawn

After the snow and ice have melted, you may take a closer look at your lawn and find numerous patches of brown areas. In some cases, the entire yard may have been ravaged with weeds the previous year, and you may spot the signs of weeds popping up in your hard. Now is a great time to re-sod the yard. Depending on your lawn’s current condition, you can choose to replace small patches of the grass, or you can install an entirely new lawn. If you choose to replace the entire lawn, choose your grass type with care. For example, there are some drought-resistant grasses that use less water and that may be ideal for areas with dry summer months.

3- Plant a New Tree

You can also plant a new tree or two throughout your yard. Trees add value and aesthetic appeal. More than that, they add delightful shade that can keep your yard cooler throughout the intense summer months. They block wind and can even shade your home to improve energy efficiency once they mature. If you choose to plant a tree, ensure that you have ample space for the tree to grow. Consider the root growth as well as the branch growth. It is best to plant new trees a significant distance away from the home to prevent property damage related to branches falling and roots growing into the pipes or foundation.

4- Start a Garden

Gardening is a treasured pastime for many people, and this may be a great activity for you to get started with. It provides you with an exceptional way to spend your time in the months to come, and your personal effort in the garden can lead to a bountiful harvest throughout the summer months. Consider the types of vegetables and herbs you enjoy eating in your meals, and research the ideal time to plant these plants in your local area. With most plants, you need to wait until the last freeze threat has passed. However, if this date has not yet been reached, you can still begin to till the soil, create planters if you will use them and more. Everything from lettuce and tomatoes to strawberries, green beans, potatoes, peppers and more are commonly found in home gardens, and many plants may produce an ample supply of food for you to eat.

If you are looking at a sun-filled yard and are eager to get started sprucing your area up, think about which of these top projects may benefit your yard most significantly. There are many weekends available to work on additional projects as the need arises, but now is the perfect opportunity for you to get started on one of them. Your efforts can be rewarded throughout the seasons to come.