4 Hints Your Child Could Be Gifted


Everyone knows that their child is special. However, some kids stand out just a little bit more because of their natural talents. It’s important to recognize these children to give them the tools they need to develop their talents further. Here are 4 hints that your child could be gifted.

1. Natural Curiosity and Search For Knowledge

Some children have a desire to learn everything about the world and how it works. They are the children who are constantly asking questions. This is one of the first signs of being gifted. Gifted children don’t argue when made to read or watch something educational. In fact, they want to learn. After, they may even independently search for additional information to learn more. This is the type of kid who might take apart the remote control to see how it works and then put it back together. They may also like to perform experiments. This mentality will continue as they grow older. Hopefully, they can take this thirst for knowledge and apply it to the field of their choice and make advancements.

2. Original Thoughts and Problem-Solving

Many children can follow instructions to get to a result. Unfortunately, if the instructions don’t apply to a particular problem, most children are lost. A gifted child has the ability to examine the problem and use his own thought process to come up with a solution. He can handle it when a wrench is thrown into the mix since he fully understands the process. He isn’t simply following instructions. This is probably a child who doesn’t like showing work on math homework since he might not have gotten the answer the way the teacher told him to. This can apply to things like math problems and problems in the real world. As the child gets older, this independent way of thinking will help contribute to solutions of much bigger problems.

3. High Emotional Intelligence

Being a gifted child is not all about academics. There are other very important things to consider as well. Gifted children tend to have the ability to handle their emotions is a much more mature fashion than other children their age. Instead of throwing a tantrum when they don’t get what they want, they may try to negotiate or rationalize their point of view. This level-headed demeanor helps them look at things in a more clinical way. They aren’t the type to make rash decisions based solely on emotion. Of course, all young children lack a certain control over their emotions. One tantrum does not necessarily mean that they are not gifted.

This is not to say that gifted children aren’t passionate. In fact, they generally have stronger opinions than other kids. However, they possess the ability to contain their emotions.

4. High Levels of Concentration

When a gifted kid is focused on something, he is focused! He will work intently without noticing the other things around him. He will retain focus on the item he is working on until he is finished or forced to stop. However, interrupting his concentration can irritate him. Even though intently focused, they may be overly sensitive to the environment around them. Sounds, smells, and lights can cause them to break concentration. You may notice that they prefer to work in silence by themselves to avoid being disturbed. This intense focus will help them accomplish their professional goals when they get older.

A gifted child truly is a gift. He’s a gift to you and the reset of the world. If your child exhibits these behaviors, you may want to consider having them tested. If tests do reveal that they are gifted, you can find ways to support your child to make the most of what God has given them in the form of tutors, extra classes, or even putting them into another school. Developing their talents can help them do great things for everybody.

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