4 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Phone Case


It seems like everyone has a smartphone nowadays, which makes sense when taking into account how many benefits a phone can offer a person. A person might spend hours personalizing a phone or downloading applications but may overlook the smartphone’s safety. A study showed that Americans spent $10.7 billion on damaged iPhones, and that is just one type of smartphone. Thankfully, there are phone cases made to protect smartphones, and the following are four tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Scratches and Cracks
One common type of damage that occurs to smartphones is scratches or cracks. These issues usually end up being something that the smartphone owner just lives with because buying a new phone is quite costly. A survey showed that around 48 percent of all smartphone owners have a damaged phone. It is important to make sure that the phone case considered comes with a screen protector.

This is something that younger generations should pay attention to. It seems that younger generations deal with scratches and cracked screens more often than baby boomers. Still, protecting the screen should be important for any phone owner.

2. Drops are a Problem
Be sure to consider a phone case with shock resistant edges. These edges should be able to protect the phone against drops, which is one of the most common accidents that smartphone owners suffer. When a phone drops, this does not only put the phone at risk of a crack; it can damage the phone beyond repair. Some falls occur because the user loses grip of the phone while holding it. Obliq said, “Phone cases that protect a phone against drops usually have a surface that helps increase grip, which is a good feature to look for.”

Of course, grip is not the only reason people drop a phone. This means that shock absorbent edges still matter. Some people drop their phones because they are in a hurry or simply because something or someone knocks it out off their hands. The point is that it is very important to get a phone case with some of these features.

3. Water Damage Issues
A common problem that smartphone owners have is water damage. A lot of people use their phones in the restroom, which makes sense. A phone can help someone ensure that the eyebrows are leveled when applying makeup, or it can serve as entertainment while grooming in the morning. The point is that it is not uncommon for people to have their phones in the restroom. This could be one of the reasons why people have dropped their phones in the toilet, making a phone case that protects against water damage vital.

Of course, phone cases that protect against water damage are good for people who like to camp or are out a lot. You never know when you might come across a stream or when rain might fall. It is important to note that many water-related damages happen in the garage, but this type of case should protect against that as well.

4. Heat can be a Problem
One issue that some phone cases address is the possibility of a phone overheating. Phones are rarely turned off and usually spend most of their time inside pants pockets or purses. Phones are built to withstand some heat, but that does not mean that the temperature outside, or a person’s own body heat, cannot have an effect on the phone. This is the reason why some people are beginning to look for phone cases that can protect against overheating.

This is even more important nowadays because updated phones are a lot thinner, meaning that the casing that is meant to protect the phone from getting too hot is not as protective as it once was. Besides, phone cases like these should ensure that the phone is always easy to handle.

Hopefully, these tips make it easier to find the perfect phone case for your needs. Be sure to consider the model of your specific phone, and remember that you can get a personalized case.