4 Fall Hairstyles to Try This Season


Hair and clothing trends change with every season. Your fall wardrobe can’t be complete without fall hairstyles. If you are tired of styling your hair the same way every fall, but don’t want to color or cut your hair, you’ve come to the right place. These hairstyles are not only perfect for fall, they’re fast and easy to do too!

1. The Half-Up Bun
Buns are cute and easy to do, but they can look plain and boring. The half-up bun is a modern take on messy buns that works with almost any hair length. To achieve this look take the top half section of your hair and roll it up into a messy bun. You can secure the bun with bobby pins or hair elastics. The lower half of your hair can be styled to your liking. Messy waves would look great with the messy bun. If you want a sleek look, straighten your hair and style the top section of your hair into a neat bun. The bottom section of your hair will be straight from before, but you can add a little bit of texture if you’d like. This hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face during the breezy fall months and make your face the center of attention.

2. The Cuffed Ponytail
Cuffed ponytails, which were popular in the 90’s, are back in style. This hairstyle can be worn sleek, messy, high, and low. To create this look you simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and place the cuff at the base of your ponytail. If your hair is not already straight you can straighten your hair to help you achieve the sleek look. If you want to add some texture to your ponytail you can use texturing products like the ones mentioned in The Huffington Post’s article. There are many cuff types and designs to choose from. Find one that fits the look you’re going for.

3. The Waterfall Braid
Waterfall braids look harder to make than they actually are. They are the perfect way to complete any of your fall outfits whether you are going to a formal event or just running errands. This hairstyle leaves your hair down so you can show off your locks and are a great way to top off your feminine fall outfits. Follow wikiHow’s step-by-step instructions if you would like to create this looks.

4. The Edgy Faux-Undercut
If you have always wanted an undercut without the commitment, the faux-undercut is for you. There are a couple of ways you can create a faux-undercut. You can either bobby pin a side section of your hair back or you can braid your hair back. The rest of your hair can be styled any way you want. “Voluminous, textured hair is a popular choice for this hairstyle due to the fact that the volume contrasts with the sleek undercut,” said J’adore La Beauté. This hairstyle will look great with any of your edgy fall outfits.

Now that you have some hair ideas for the fall, it’s time to experiment! Add your own twist to these hairstyles to make them unique. If you haven’t gone for one of these looks before, these are great to start with. You can find inspiration in your outfits and celebrities. If you see one of your favorite celebrities with a hairstyle you love, try and recreate it. If your outfit has an edgy vibe to it, find an edgy hairstyle to go with it. These easy hairstyles will save you time in the morning and will look amazing.