4 Essential Ways to integrate 3D Glasses at your next Party


3D technology is one of the most amazing creations of the modern world. There are two types of 3D technology. One is active 3D technology in which an electronic display device produces a virtual reality view. The other is passive 3D technology, which filters and converts the actual images into 3D images. 3D glasses are a good example of passive 3D technology.

How It Works

In 3D technology, two identical images are processed. The first one is shown to the left eye and the second one to the right. When these two identical images flash very quickly, the two images will become one 3D image.


3D glasses are already available in the marketplace for public consumption. Before, they were used for indoor purposes. Nowadays, everyone can use it for many different occasions like watching sports games, traveling, and even at a party.

If you want to integrate 3D glasses at your party, here are 4 essential ways you can do it effectively:

  • Beach Party
  • Daytime Costume Party
  • Party Games
  • Dance Party
  1. Beach Party

Wearing sunglasses at the beach is fun and exciting, particularly if they are 3D glasses. A beach party can be your option to integrate 3D glasses at the party you are planning. For sure, all your guests who will attend will enjoy seeing the actual beach setting in 3D setting.

You need to figure out the integration of objects for your beach party using 3D glasses. A bubble blowing machine, people playing volleyball or displays that react to 3D imagery could be all used at your beach party.

  1. Day Time Costume Party

If beach parties are only good during summer, costume parties are good any time and for all ages. A costume party doesn’t have to be at night. In fact, it is better to hold it outdoor in a colorful setup. Organizing this type of party is another good idea to integrate 3D glasses. It’s not bad to see Batman and Superman wearing 3D glasses. Besides, all of you will have fun seeing each other as if you’re watching these super heroes in 3D.

A children’s party is the most common occasion for a costume party. However, 3D glasses are good for children three years old and above, so it is better not to have children under three years wear them.

  1. Party Games

3D glasses are perfect when viewing moving objects. If your party is more than just a gathering of people who will sit around and chat; you can organize some games in which your guests can watch the participants running, jumping, and rolling in 3D views. You can also use this device a game which the participants can also wear 3D glasses like a game in which the participants should look for something that gets lost in the surroundings.

American Paper Optics said, “At your next party, you can plan ahead of time to think of a game that your guests will join using 3D glasses, so you can also choose which type of glasses would be best.”

  1. Dance Party

A dance party could be the perfect party to integrate 3D glasses as everybody is moving and seeing one another in 3D. You can experiment with different lights to incorporate. If this is an outdoor party, you may try putting colorful decorations that can add to the magical effect of the 3D glasses. If not all your guests are interested to dance, you can organize a dance competition for the selected guests.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to force any of your guests for some dance activities. The alternative would be to invite some professional dancers to perform in your party show that have 3D paint so your guests can really see the dancers come to life in a new light.


3D glasses have once been seen as a science-fiction phenomena, but now are a normal part of life as people are discovering they can use it in modern applications. Bring your next party to life by using 3D-glasses and have everyone talking about how much fun they have. Which 3D application will you use at your next party?