4 Essential Items to Have When Playing Rugby


Well, do you go for a family gathering without an appetite? The same case applies, when you are about to play in one of the most thrilling and exhilarating sports, you need just the right items for you to exploit your full potential.

Sure enough, rugby gets real physical and competitive. You are probably used to this if you had played before or even watched a game on the television. Like any other sport, you have to brace yourself for any physical injury whatsoever.

You don’t want to feel silly when you realize that you forgot essentials during your game let alone being disappointed. Whether you are new or old to the game, protective gear is vital. Some of the must-have essential are;

1- A Set of Comfortable Rugby Jersey and Shorts

You want to make sure you are comfortable in your outfit. Not too tight, not too loose, not too heavy, not too light. A standard rugby shirt is made out of polyester. Polyester is harder to get a hold on in a tackle reason being, it is slippery, and with the current increased use of skin tights inside the shorts, there is no material to get a grip of. Also, it absorbs less mud and sweat. Of course, you don’t want to run around in wet and heavy jersey, and it’s tiring.

2- Rugby Cleats

Interestingly, there is always a shoe for every occasion like we can’t just wear one shoe all the time. A rugby shoe is called a rugby cleat. You might think that a football boot can be used in a rugby game. Well, you are wrong! Boots in football are used for ball control while in rugby they are used for running and getting a grip

The ideal boot for a forward should have a six stud forefoot pattern. This enables you to hastily change movement direction while you are firmly gripped to the ground. Additionally, it offers comfort and more protection.

However, modifications have started coming up being branded by dominant rugby teams in the world. Yes, we all say that old is gold but make sure you are up to date with the latest cleat technology

3- Protective Shoulder Pads and Shin Guards

In a rugby game, shoulder injuries are most definitely worth watching out for. Not only do shoulder pads they make you feel safe, strong and unstoppable they will preserve your shoulders from harm. Ever wondered why most players are always buff? Well, one reason is that their shoulder workout game is on fleek, secondly is that they are wearing protective shoulder pads.

Have you ever had a shin injury? The pain of a shin injury is unimaginable, and they take quite some time to heal. Shin guards are a protective gear for your leg shin. Shin injuries are common for runners. In case you are wondering, they are worn under socks. They are made of 0.5cm thick padding that is incorporated within a nonrigid fabric.

4- Scrum Cap

If you are a keen rugby fan, you know that there is no rugby without a scrum. It is one of the most technical and exciting parts of the game. Reason being it is done at every start of the game.

When the players put their heads close together in an attempt to gain possession of the ball, their heads might collide causing injuries. This is the reason why scrum caps are worn, to prevent the ears from injury probably caused by the friction and superficial grazes that may be caused are also prevented

These are just the highlights of the essentials. While watching or reading the news whether on CNN, ABC News, or LA Times, their sports segments feature various essentials on what is happening in the rugby world as far as essentials are concerned.

Of course, you need to carry water. In rugby, it’s all about strength and running with speed. Therefore, your body gets dehydrated very fast. Ensure your body is hydrated every time to rejuvenate your cells.

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