4 Common Misconceptions About Using Kratoms


At this day and age, staying healthy isn’t always about having a proper diet and living an active lifestyle. As a general rule of fitness and health, you must partner your active lifestyle with supplements that help promote overall wellness. One herbal supplement that has been popular as of late is kratom.

Kratom is a tropical tree in the coffee family. Its origins date back to the ancient period over at Southeast Asia. It’s an all-natural, organic, fresh herbal supplement that is being used by countless already. After hitting western shores, the popularity of kratom has spread like wildfire. Despite its popularity, there are people that are still skeptical about the supplement. That’s why we’re here to break certain myths that people have about it.

Kratom Has No Studies Supporting It

Although it only reached mainstream popularity recently, kratom has been around for centuries in other parts of the world including Southeast Asia. The myth that there aren’t any scientific studies that prove the claim of Kratom are all just fallacies. Ever since the supplement reached western shores, medical experts have been more than eager to see if kratom really is worth its claims.

Most of the studies primarily focused on uncovering what health benefits the supplement brings to its users. The studies had great results and it should not be surprising why its consumer base grew a lot bigger in the past decade. Most of the studies begin occurring at the same time as well. While a lot has already been proven, people are still eager to uncover what else there is to uncover in this medical wonder.

Kratoms Has No Health Benefits

This is arguably one of the most common misconceptions about kratoms and it is not entirely new for drugs or supplements that have just recently begun gaining traction on mainstream markets. Another product that went through this stigma is cannabis. Now, people are more than happy to let the world know how cannabis products have changed their lives.

Also like cannabis, kratoms has numerous health benefits the most prominent of which is that it can relieve individuals of pain as it functions as somewhat of a mild opioid. Aside from that kratoms are also known to combat the side effects of opioid addiction and opioid withdrawal.

Kratoms are also known to promote heart and better mental health. For the latter, it is said that it can help reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps you become more focused, allowing you to do more things after taking products based on kratoms. There are even more benefits we haven’t talked about but these are the ones worth noting.

Kratoms Are Addictive

One of the primary concerns of people who don’t know much about this herbal supplement is that it is addictive. If it really is addictive or a substance that could be abused, then it should be considered as dangerous and unfit for human consumption. However, these are all false as kratoms actually do the opposite.

Instead of being an addictive substance, kratoms actually help combat addiction. More specifically, it helps combat the symptoms of opioid addiction and withdrawal. The truth of the matter is that kratoms are actually addictive but its properties only make just as addictive as coffee. Meaning the use of herbal supplements based on kratoms can be regulated and controlled quite easily.

Kratoms Could Fatal

This is perhaps one of the most damaging misconceptions that people have about kratoms. There are no definitive cases that linked the herbal supplement to any deaths, whether it be from an animal in a testing lab or a person at home. The reason why there are no actual fatalities involved is that there aren’t any drastic side effects that appear once a person begins using kratoms.

It’s all good, minus the bad that often comes with herbal supplements. Moreover, since kratoms aren’t addictive, it’s nearly impossible to die from it due to overdosing. There’s nothing stopping anyone from using kratoms and it should be a product that everyone should try especially if they want to be on the path to recovery.

Kratoms are relatively new but the support behind it is staggering. Those who are still not aware of its wonders, then it might be time to add this as a part of their lifestyle.

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