4 Accessories To Pair With Over Size Sweaters


Temperatures are finally starting to drop and it’s time for sweaters once again. Oversized sweaters are making an appearance everywhere, even in Women’s Wear Daily. Oversized sweaters aren’t just warm and comfortable, reminding us all of the better parts of the season. They are also extremely fashionable when worn and accessorized correctly. The best thing about oversized sweaters is that the larger and more roomy, the more you can do with them – how you wear them and how you accessorize them. The only downfall is that if not worn with a little but of creativity and ingenuity, they can tend to look a little bit too casual. Now is the time to polish those layering skills. Try some of these ideas for wearing oversized sweaters that will look fashionable and chic.


The oversized sweater itself is the statement around which all of your other style decisions need to revolve. It is the first piece that will be noticed in your outfit so don’t think too much. Try to keep it simple. Because the sweater is so bulky and will represent the main focus of your silhouette, try to balance the bulk with slim, neutral and even form-fitting pieces to accentuate. Oversized sweaters and leggings paired with ankle boots and a casual hat will make the perfect impression and the perfect outfit for practically any outing. Leggings, tights, and skinny jeans are all perfect because they are form-fitting and contrast the lack of structure in a beautiful oversized sweater.

Knee Boots and Flats

I always heard that buying your clothes in a size bigger than you wear will actually make you look slimmer.. with oversized sweaters, this may not be exactly true but buying an oversized sweater in a larger size will give you more options. Wear it as a short sweater dress and pair it with dark leggings and flats or knee boots. Or, tuck a sleek knit skirt that hits at the knee underneath. The key is choosing a cute pair of pointed toe flats in a monochromatic color. Or, sporting that new pair of knee boots that will hit just below the hemline of the sweater.


The perfect scarf wrapped at the neck or draped at the shoulder will add contrast and interest to a neutral oversized sweater. Scarves are basically one of the easiest ways to add interest to any outfit. They come in so many sizes and styles that your options are practically endless. A boldly colored silk scarf tied neatly at the neck will create a look that is more professional while a larger, warmer colored scarf draped around the neck loosely will only add to the fall style that you are trying to create.

Shoulders and Waistlines (Yes, Shoulders!)

For a sexy but casual look, try letting your sweater fall down over one shoulder. Pair it with a sleek belt cinched at the waist and you’ve turned your oversized sweater into a cute casual look perfect for any outing. Using your own “accessories” your oversized sweater becomes a daring portrait of your own body rather than being hidden beneath the layers of bulky sweater! Dress it up with heels or dress it down with loafers and tights.

No matter how you choose to wear or accessorize your oversized sweater, be creative and have fun with it! There are so many ways to wear them that they are versatile enough for practically any occasion. Because the perfect oversized sweater is the staple for many women’s wardrobes, be sure to mix it up with funky accessories and great shoes to maximize it!

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