3 Ways to Recognize Your Employees


There is nobody in the world who doesn’t value recognition of hard work or any accomplishment, and the same applies to your employees. Every employee—from a simple tea girl to your experienced manager expects—expect to be recognized for their hard work and efforts that they put every day to ensure that your company or business is successful.

For beginners, employee recognition refers to a process through which a business owner or employer make a conscious effort to award his or her employee both to acknowledge their efforts and to motivate them to keep the good work that they have been doing for the company.

Here are the top 3 ways that an employer or a business owner can recognize the efforts of his/her employees:

Surprising Them with Rotating Prizes
Adding a unique touch to the standard rewards that you give your employees is a great way to recognize and value them. By altering the rewards that you offer, you not only get a chance to surprise your employees—which is very crucial in itself—but you also get the opportunity to the amend the value of each reward depending on how high or low your budget may be at that time. The following are excellent ways that you can do this:

  • Gift cards—whether it is $5 or $200 gift card, your employees will always appreciate it, especially if it is packaged with a standard reward.
  • If you have a standard dress code for your employees, you can recognize their efforts by awarding them individually or as a group with dress-down days
  • Giving a personalized certificate that they can take home or hang in their offices
  • Organizing for a movie day, especially during slower days at the workplace
  • Publicly announcing individual accomplishments via email or during team meetings

Extra Paid Off Days
When certain projects or assignments are approaching their deadlines and there’s still a lot to be accomplished, employees tend to work outside their normal hours. Although some employers consider this as part of a job requirement, too much “overtime” can easily overwhelm an employee and even turn him or her off from the job. One strategy that you can always use to recognize a performing employee or group of employees is to give them extra paid days off outside their normal vacation times or off-days.

Well, it is different from increasing their salary, but serves a similar purpose. The key thing is to do this at the early stages of an employee’s career. If employees know that you are always willing to recognize their efforts and the extra work that they put in, they will be far happier to do so without any issues or questions in future.

You can also do this when holiday or vacation times come around. “There is nothing more pleasing to most employees than how huge their standard bonuses are going to be,” said Kilbourne & Kilbourne. Increasing an employee holiday bonus is a great way to recognize their efforts in your company. There are some employers who tend to skimp employees’ bonuses as way of cutting a company’s expenses. To set this straight, this is going to hurt your employees’ morale and consequently impact their productivity immensely. Endeavor to offer your employees generous bonuses, and you will be amazed how productive they become.

Award them with more Responsibility
This is one of the wittiest ways of recognizing your employees because it carries a double whammy with it. Rewarding or recognizing success or hard work with more trust and responsibility is going to improve your team’s productivity by a huge margin. Employees who don’t want to do more may not value this kind of recognition, but then those are the kind of employees who you may not want to recognize after all. By and large, if recognition comes with more responsibility, and it is instant, you will be surprised at how you’ve just maximized the impact of your reward for a good job.

There you have it!
You may not have enough resources to recognize your employees right now, but it does not change the fact that your employees are still doing a good job for you. Fortunately, the above suggestions can be tweaked to fit any budget, which simply means that you have no excuse to refuse to recognize your employees’ efforts. Remember, a recognized employee is a productive one, and that’s something that you need to continually grow and move forward.