3 Ways to Improve Retinal Health


The retina forms one of the most important components of your vision system. It refers to a layer of tissue situated at the rear end of your eye. This tissue senses light and relays the images of objects to your brain. Deterioration or damage of your retina can lead to many different eye conditions. Examples of such eye conditions include nearsightedness, degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.
There are several steps that you can take to help you maintain or improve the health of your retina. This is true since majority of the risks that can cause damage to your retina are environmental. For example, environmental situations like sitting in front of the screen of a computer for long periods of time can lead to nearsightedness.
Although there are many risks that can cause harmful effects to your retina, there are things you can do each and every day to ensure that your eyes stay healthy and your vision remains strong. Here are some three ways you can improve the health of your retina.

Quit Smoking
There are several different ways in which smoking can damage your eyes. This habit can lead to the development of macular degeneration. This is because it reduces the amount of blood circulating to the retina and the eye leading to the damage of the eye’s blood vessels.
Several studies have proven that people who smoke are twice likely to develop macular degeneration compared to those who do not. Smoking also leads to a decrease in the level of antioxidants present in the blood. Antioxidants are helpful to the eye since they maintain a healthy eyesight. Therefore, a reduction in antioxidants is likely to cause poor eyesight.
Following the damage that smoking can do to your eyes, the best thing to do is just to quit this habit. It is a choice since when you smoke, you expose yourself to second-hand smoke. Most people are aware that this habit is difficult to break but it is worth breaking.

Protect your Eyes
There are certain times when we expose our eyes to risks without even realizing it. Too often, individuals work in places where they expose their eyes to hazardous substances without their knowledge. Are you aware that using a barcode scanner while working in retail can lead to the damage of your eyes? Ensure that you never look at the laser.
Sometimes cashiers at departmental stores do one mistake which they do not realize will affect their eyes. They often stand directly above the barcode reader when working at the cash register not knowing how risky this is to their retina. In case you are a cashier in such stores shield your eyes by standing a little off to one side.
Another potential hazard to your eyes is particles or debris. “If dust particles are present in your workplace, put on safety glasses to protect your eyes,” said Retina Associates.
Sitting in front of the screen of your computer for long durations is also a risk. In this case you need to ensure there is as little glare possible. Also, take frequent breaks to relieve strain and rest your eyes.

Change What Your Eat
You must be aware that unhealthy diet will lead to poor health. Are you also aware that poor diet can cause poor eyesight? If you want to have a good eyesight, consider taking a diet that comprises of sufficient amounts of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E and herbal supplements.
There are a variety of good foods that can assist you in fixing your diet. Have a look at this list of 17 herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals you can consume to help improve your eyesight. Some foods you may want to try include fish, broccoli and nuts, spinach, leafy green vegetables and fruits. These foods form a great addition to any kind of diet.
Even though it can be hard to acquire everything you want every day, supplements created for the purpose of preventing eye conditions can form a great alternative.

The health of your retina depends on you. If you carefully adhere to these guidelines, then you will be better off in terms of your retinal health.