3 Ways to Help the Leaders in Your Company Grow


In all great companies, there are always great leaders to be found. From operations to marketing and employee relations, it is up to the leaders to direct an efficient and functional system. However, those in such leadership roles weren’t born into the lead. They made their way there through growth and evolution.

This fully developed leadership is a must for the sake of any company’s future. For many businesses, an important side goal then exists in growing this evolved leadership from within. Fortunately, there are in fact, a number of great ways in which to do this. Here, we specifically take a look at three, distinct ways to help the leaders in your company grow.

Teach Growth
The Centre Group said, “One great way to water the seed of future leadership is by advocating relevant, educational offerings to the up-and-coming leaders of your company.” There are many ways to advocate for further education, and this is quite dependent on the nature of the individual employee’s position and future position. The chosen educational route may also depend on individual strengths and weaknesses of that employee.

College classes and certification courses are one of the most prevalent forms of educational prep for excellence in leadership. Courses that teach business administration, leadership, applicable consumer markets, and psychology are usually of great value here. Additionally, classes that educate the leader on the minutia of company product and science can be immeasurably valuable as well.

Outside of traditional schooling, educational efforts can also be advocated within the workplace. Seminars and training sessions can be mandated or made available to the voluntary. Study time at work is also helpful in some cases. Expert, guest speakers and educational events can even provide some valuable benefits. Also, consider making print publications available to the workers. There are many options to choose from with plenty to stay abreast of in niche and general leadership knowledge.

Incentivize Growth
At the base of all of our job-related striving and efforts, there lies core motivations. These core motivations include financial gain, a sense of security, appreciation, group-belonging, and better tomorrows. No matter the rank or pull of the employee, this is a universal truth. This is especially true when talent always seeks its best reward in a market that provides easy job choice and changeability. As simply put by New York Times writer Phyllis Korkki, “Now many companies cannot or will not hold up their end of the bargain, so why should the employees hold up theirs? Given the opportunity, they’ll take their skills and their portable 401(k)’s elsewhere”.

In other words, you want to not only keep your leaders and up-and-comers loyal to your company, but as well, loyal to the cause of personal and company growth. In turn, there must be a system of reward and acknowledgment. Perhaps this means performance-based bonuses or additional PTO. Maybe raise assessments are given more often and a very real opportunity in position advancement is made available. Even hand-written letters and personal thanks can go a long way in the human reward system we use to keep our employees with us and dedicated to our causes. Our particular cause here of course is the encouragement of growth and the proper shaping of those in leadership.

Experience Incites Growth
Sometimes, raw, unadulterated experience just can’t be replaced by incentives, education, or any other means. Raw experience is an ages-old ingredient in the growth of all people and leaders. You can provide a wealth of such experience and opportunity for growth to your leadership by temporarily switching their job duties to those of another position or location.

Shift around those in leadership. Put them in the job positions of their subordinates for one to two weeks. Similarly, if the company operates in multiple locations, give those same employees an opportunity to work at other locations for a brief time.

A popularized example of this theme can be seen in the television show, Undercover Boss. In the show, leaders in government and private companies go to work in different, subordinate areas and facilities within their company or government management areas. In one episode, Mayor Bill Peduto “was assigned to haul trash in Wilkinsburg, trim trees in Frick Park and help as a carpenter installing doors with the city housing authority.” Peduto’s experience was said to be profound, revealing, and have a great impact on his own growth as a leader. While your leaders need not disguise themselves like those in this television show, they will experience much and grow significantly from such a change in typical duties.

The growth of your company’s leaders is well within your grasp. Insure your brand and company future by growing your own leadership now. Taking steps like these will all but guarantee their proper pruning for that continued rise in excellence.