3 Ways that Dumpster Rentals Make Moving Easier


Are you getting ready for a big move? Are you wondering how you’ll ever get all of the things you own to your new place? Are you looking for a new, efficient, cos-effective solution to moving? The moving process is the perfect opportunity to begin to purge items that you no longer need. It is time consuming to do this, but you will thank yourself in the long run when you’re not lugging those boxes and boxes full of old tax returns. Read on to learn our top three ways for making your move easier and less stressed by renting a dumpster:

Way #1: The Dumpster Comes to You
When you rent a dumpster to help clear away old junk from your home, you literally don’t have to do anything but call and pay for it. The dumpster comes to you. It’s delivered directly to a convenient place in your driveway on wheels so that it does not damage your concrete driveway. When you’ve filled it up, you simply call to have it hauled away. It’s that simple.

Way #2: Empowering You to Toss
“When you don’t have the option of a dumpster, you may be more likely to hold onto the things that you don’t need,” said Cam’s Dumpster Rentals. But it is amazing what happens when you have a gigantic trash can at your disposal! Suddenly there are possibilities. You can come to terms with your trash and make more realistic and logical decisions about whether that severely scratched table really needs to come with you or those extra bed rails need to make the journey to your new home. Take a moment with each piece of furniture in your home and weigh whether you really need it. Do you have a storehouse of furniture that you bought at a thrift store that needs refinishing? Are you ever going to get around to refinishing it — realistically? Your dumpster option can help you with that process, and you can feel good about where the furniture is going next. Many dumpster rental companies make an effort to donate usable furniture to charity.

Way #3: Free Your Life of Paper
Moving is a great opportunity to rid your home of unnecessary paper that you have accrued over the years. So break out that shredder and start shredding paper you don’t need. Consolidate files, throw out newspapers, discard all those college notebooks and A+ essays. Now is the time to get freedom from the mass of paper that is stuck in your filing cabinets, drawers and just about everywhere in your office!

A Note of Caution
Remember that paper is an ideal item for a dumpster, but there are some items you shouldn’t throw in your dumpster. Don’t throw away TVs, pesticides, any liquids, paint or flammable materials. You’ll need to haul those away to the junk yard or work out a haul-away deal with your dumpster company to safely dispose of these items. They are toxic and some items — like a TV — can emit cancerous emissions when broken. So you’ll want to be careful as you throw away items from your home. Not everything can go in a dumpster — and you’ll be contributing to safer and healthier environment if you abide by those rules.

Ready to Purge?
All it takes is one dumpster to help you begin streamlining your moving process and to make your big move the easiest it’s ever been. Think about moving with less boxes and furniture. Less sweat and tears could be in your future with one easy decision to rent a dumpster. Dumpster rentals are cost-effective — and the benefits outweigh the nominal cost. With a huge trash can at your disposal, you may be more likely to throw away that old couch or broken chair. You might be motivated to dump out all those old plant pots and that broken mirror. Give yourself freedom and energy as you pursue your next steps by clearing out the non-essentials before you go. Rent your dumpster today!