3 Ways a New Garage Door Can Add Value to Your Home


If you are planning to sell your home in the future, it may be in your best interest to replace your current garage door. While you may not think about it unless you are leaving for work or coming back home, an upgrade could add value to your house. How does a new garage door potentially make your property worth more?

A New Garage Door Is More Secure
An old garage door could have cracks or holes in it that a thief could exploit to get inside of your house. It may also fail to go all the way to the ground, which means it may not lock when it closes. Therefore, all someone would need to do to get into your house is physically lift the door up with little to no effort.

When you put a new door in, you can buy one that will lock itself via an electronic device each time it closes. You may also be able to add a code that must be entered before the door will open again. For those who are into adding the latest technology to your home, it may be possible to connect it to an access control system that controls every door and lock on the property.

New Garage Doors Get Rid of Drafts and Possible Pest Damage
If a garage door doesn’t close properly, it can allow air to get in underneath it, which could result in large drafts. These drafts could make it harder to keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year without significant heating and cooling bills.

Taking care of those drafts will allow for a consistent temperature as well as even heating and cooling throughout your home. According to New England Overhead Door, getting rid of drafts may also create a quieter home because the wind will stay outside where it belongs.

Older doors that are made from wood may be susceptible to pest damage after many years of exposure to the sun, wind and rain. Termites and carpenter ants are among the most common type of pest that likes to eat away at rotted wood.

However, you may also notice spiders, wasps and even mosquitoes depending on how moist the environment surrounding your garage is. Therefore, replacing the door may make the home appealing to buyers who don’t want to deal with uneven temperatures and pests inside their home.

A New Door May Match Better with Other Homes Nearby
Like any other part of a home, garage doors tend to go through cycles when it comes to preferred styles and colors. Putting a new garage door on your home may help you match the current trend as well as blend in better with other homes on your street.

Conversely, a new door could make your home stand out if that is more your style or if many homes in neighborhood have unique looks. Some buyers do like homes with character, which means that they may be willing to pay more if your home doesn’t have a cookie cutter look.

Many contractors offer custom looks and colors that help you create a style and feel that you are most comfortable with. It may also be possible to stain or paint the door after it has been put up if you aren’t happy with it for whatever reason.

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