3 Valuable Reasons to Remodel your Kitchen


The most popular room in the entire home is the kitchen. It may not be the most used or the one that needs all the attention besides cleaning, but how many ever people you have coming and going through your home, the kitchen seems to be top ranked. After all, it does consist of all the food and where most of the gatherings in any home are, not including all of the holidays. With this being said, there are a few reasons that an outdated kitchen should get a face lift.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing and Welcoming

Nothing says more about a house, let alone the people that live there, than what the house looks like inside and out. If a house’s most frequented room, sans the bathroom, is the kitchen, than anyone who lived there would probably want to look at a beautiful and creatively designed style. All a kitchen’s theme for all who enter it, is “welcome to this house and enjoy your time here.” If the whole idea of the kitchen is to be there for an exponential amount of time, enjoying and feeling comfortable is a priority. For those that love to entertain, throw parties, dinners and special events in their home, this is more important than ever. Renewing and restoring an old kitchen is beneficial to everyone. Even an old kitchen can start to smell old and musty, cabinets squeak and the shelves are in a state of decay. Much of the remodel does not have to be the whole kitchen but a few small enhancements can make the kitchen look new.

2. Function and Condition of Space

Trends come and go nearly every year. New patterns and characteristics are contemplated by the best designers in the hottest cities. There are many TV shows now that showcase the design and everyday functions of the kitchen; the hosts will describe how an addition or upgrade can change the whole flow of the kitchen. Day to day life in the 2000’s is not the same as it was in any other time in history, therefore, kitchens had to change with the times. Islands create practical use for those that cook a lot at home or have their own chef. A breakfast nook can host overflow of people for more social interaction in the room. Taking a wall out creates openness in the flow of the house. Whatever the idea, imagine what you want in your home and what would make you the most happy and easy for you.

3. Adding Value to the Home

If you are looking to buy or sell and start to look at numerous homes, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Upgrading a room or redesigning an area is not only for you as the owner, but also should be taken into consideration when thinking of selling for the next potential buyer. If you decide to update the kitchen, that can speed up the sale of the home. Buyers may look at an old kitchen and start seeing more dollar signs because they will not want to live in a house with a decrepit kitchen that they will want to fix and not want to live with. They may also see renovations to add or take something out which might discourage them from buying the home. Like before, even adding a few new pieces can make or break a potential buyer.

The kitchen should create a warmth environment and be useful in all of its functions. Realize and understand that the house may not stay yours forever and if moving quickly is a priority than a remodel maybe another factor. The most popular room in the home should get a lot of attention and time to make sure that if you do remodel it will be right and exactly what you are looking for.