3 Unique Ways To Show You Are Pro-Gun


If you are against gun control, you are not alone. Many U.S. citizens across the country are pro-gun supporters. Legitimate gun owners with lawful licenses especially, don’t want their guns to be confiscated by the government. But since there is a move to make stricter gun control laws, you need to show your pro-gun support in a tangible way. If not, the gun takers will have their voices heard and someday soon, you will not be allowed to own or carry a gun even if you already own a licensed gun now.

Pro-Gun Advocates Say Gun Control Is Not The Answer

The move to get your gun has been intensifying for several years. The many gun-related massacres and killings all over the United States have caused gun-control activists to raise their voices across the nation for Congress to enact laws that will prohibit U.S. citizens from owning guns, even for self-defense.

Naturally, pro-gun advocates are rising en masse to counter this move. They cite various critical reasons why gun control shouldn’t happen in the United States. Among these reasons are:

  • It is not guns that kill people.

People are the ones killing other people. If murderers and killers can’t use guns, they will use other weapons like knives, hammers, bombs, axes, etc. to do their evil deeds. The right to own a gun for self-defense is exactly what the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution prescribes. The 2nd amendment does not protect hammers and knives, etc. A gun is easier to use than hammers and knives for killing.

  • Gun control does not work.

Washington, D.C., and Chicago are U.S. cities with strict gun control laws. But the levels of gun violence in these cities are very high. In addition, some statistics show that gun murders are at their highest rates in states that have gun control laws. That goes to show that gun control is not really working.

  • Gun control will violate the 2nd amendment

The second amendment will be violated if the U.S. government confiscates the licensed guns of its citizens. The same will be true if it bans gun ownership outright. This amendment protects the rights of U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms. It was on Dec. 15, 1791 when it was adopted, as one of the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights.

How You Can Show Your Pro-Gun Advocacy

With increasing demand for stricter gun control laws, there is a need for pro-gun advocates to show their support for legitimate gun ownership. If you want your rights for gun ownership to continue, here are three unique ways you can demonstrate your support to the pro-gun movement.

  1. Use pro-gun stickers

There are many types and designs of pro-gun stickers sold in the market today. You can pick one that is most unique in design. Some stickers are designed to be pasted on car bumpers. Car bumper stickers are most effective in conveying your message to other people since they can be readily seen as you drive your car or your truck around town. Some stickers are designed to be posted on window offices and doors. Choose the stickers that will definitely and obviously shout your message of support for gun ownership.

2. Wear pro-gun t-shirts

Wearing a t-shirt with a pro-gun message will really tell the people that you meet that you are for gun ownership. Wear these types of tees as you go to the mall and other public places. Many pro-gun tees have already been made with designs and texts that can really attract the attention of people who see them. Choose the tees with short but clear texts that reveal your intent of keeping your gun.

3. Join peaceful pro-gun rallies and activities

One of the best ways you can show your support for gun ownership is by joining others who are like-minded. Many people and groups are organizing rallies, marathons, sports events and other public events to support gun ownership. There should be one in your local area. By joining these activities, you will be meeting and talking with people who share the same desires. You will be able to encourage each other, exchange notes and experiences about your advocacy. Rallies and other public activities in support of gun ownership is an ideal venue to gain more people to join the pro-gun movement.