3 Unique Times a Camping Cot Will Come in Handy


When it comes to camping styles, different people have different preferences. For some campers, it is all about traveling light, even if that means roughing it in an extreme way. For other campers, comfort is the way they prefer to travel. For these campers, they may have to pack a bit extra, but it will be worth it when they get to their destination.

Camping cots are one such extra that can come in handy in the most unusual circumstances. In this post, learn about 3 such times and how a camping cot can come to your rescue and save your camping experience.

Time 1: Sudden weather changes.
While campers may share certain individual preferences when it comes to what to pack and how to sleep most comfortably, it is a fairly safe assumption that all campers hate sleeping on very wet, hard, rocky, insect-infested or cold ground. And if there is one thing all campers can depend on, it is this: the weather is always subject to change. This holds especially true for elevation camping, where the weather in the low regions may be warm and sunny but then abruptly change to become cool or rainy or even snowy as you climb up to higher levels.

How a camping cot comes to the rescue: If you get to your chosen camping site and the ground is muddy, frozen, flooded, rocky, covered in snow or otherwise totally unsuitable for ground-based sleeping accommodations, you can still enjoy a good night’s sleep by setting up your camping cot, which gets you off the uncomfortable ground and helps you stay warm and dry.

Time 2First-time campers.
“For first-time campers in particular, sleeping right on the ground can be an anxiety-producing experience,” said World Outdoor Products. There might be bugs, or snakes….or worse. The truth about camping is, it is the great outdoors, and you just never know what may happen by and get curious about your campsite. For newbie campers, every little noise may bring them into high alert mode, which can mean a night with no sleep.

How a camping cot comes to the rescue: A camping cot raises you up off the ground to sleep, which ensures at least some potential visitors and/or predators may find it more trouble than it is worth to crawl inside to see what is up.

Time 3No suitable campsite in sight.
It is the situation all campers dread – they have trekked all the way in to the area where they want to go exploring, but now there is no suitable place to pitch their tent. Perhaps the whole area is covered with rocks. Or maybe the ground is too swampy to anchor tent stakes securely. Maybe there are ants that are already occupying the desired camping site. In these cases, the goal is to get situated by any means necessary before night fall.

How a camping cot comes to the rescue: A camping cot may not solve the problem of where to pitch the tent, but at least it means you won’t have to climb a tree to find a secure place to sit and rest for a while. You can set up your camping cot and at least have a place to eat your dinner and lay down for a while to rest.

Camping is definitely not an experience for anyone who is risk-averse. With camping, what you get is what you get, which for many campers is part of the challenge and the excitement. But experienced campers will also tell you that it can pay to think through all possible unknowns and plan for them as best you can before setting out. Sometimes this may mean lugging in an extra or two, such as a camping cot, to ensure you will be more than a match for any unexpected terrain or weather that may lie ahead.