3 Tricks to Using Mobile Deposits for your Banking Needs


Are you always on the go? Do you find yourself wasting time visiting your bank to deposit checks? Are you looking for an easier solution that meets your needs and saves you hours in the span of a week? If you’re ready to give mobile deposits a try, you’ll find they save you time, stress and energy that you can never get back. Follow our quick guide of three easy tips for depositing your checks via your phone — and start spending your precious moments doing the things that are truly precious to you. Here’s how to master mobile deposits for all your banking needs:

Tip #1: Steady Your Camera
If your bank offers mobile depositing, then you’ll be asked to download the bank app to your smart phone and open it up. You’ll need to take a photo of your check in order to deposit it — and this means the bank needs to capture a clear, strong image of your check. Many banking apps have a built in timer so that the camera will auto-focus and lead you through the steps of automatically taking the photos. However, sometimes your hand isn’t steady enough as you are holding the phone over the check. Ask a friend to steady your wrists as you take the photos — or steady your hand as much as you can as you take the photo. This should be fairly easy, but at times you may have to take more than one photo to get a clear one.

Tip #2: Take a Photo Front and Back
Your mobile banking app will prompt you to take a photo of the front and the back of the check. Don’t forget to sign the check and flip over from the front to the back. You want to make sure the images are captured correctly so that your money is deposited accurately and immediately. Line the front of the check up in the mobile apps indicated “box” as the camera or you snap the photo. Then turn it over and repeat. You’ll want to ensure that your signature is included in the box so that the image is captured correctly.

Tip #3: Hold Onto Your Paper Check
According to Sycamore Bank, one of the biggest mistakes people who are using mobile depositing for the first time make is that they immediately shred their check. You’ll need to hold onto the check for a week to 30 days, depending on the rules of your bank. This helps to ensure you won’t face a hassle if there is discrepancy in what the bank deposits in your account and the actual amount of the check. You’ll have verifiable proof of the exact amount because you held onto the paper check. So wait the amount of time recommended by your bank, and then make sure to shred all of the paper checks so that 1) no one tried to re-cash them or to commit fraud with your checks and 2) you don’t forget that you’ve already deposited them and try to re-deposit them. You don’t want to be the center of a police investigation for check fraud!

In conclusion, mobile banking can add a great deal of ease and energy to your life — simply by making it possible for you to deposit all the checks you receive from the comfort of your home. All you need is a smart phone with your bank’s mobile app downloaded to it. Once you get the hang of depositing your checks via your bank’s app, you’ll never drive to the bank to deposit a check again. It really is that easy and simple. You just need to follow these three key tips to make it as smooth as possible as you are learning the process. With a little practice, you’ll be on your wait to depositing checks in minutes while you are cooking dinner, sipping wine or winding down with your favorite TV shows. Keep our guide of three easy tips handy to get started with your new banking venture — and experience how much time you get back in your day!