3 Tips to Reduce Stress When Moving Cross Country


Taking up residence in a new town the entire way across the country can be overwhelming. Not only is your environment changing by leaving family, friends, and familiar locales, you have to worry about safety getting all your stuff to the other side of the nation. To help smooth the transition to your new home, we’ve decided to give you a few good tips on reducing stress along the way.

Plan Everything 

Planning is the most important part of your transition by far. The reason most people feel stressed is simply that they’re underprepared due to poor planning. Waiting until the last minute or not taking the major factors, such as shipping, travel, monetary funds, into account can wreak havoc on your stress levels when it comes time to actually make the move.

You must give yourself ample time to go over a complete list of all the factors that you need to consider for the move. It’s a good idea to get out a notepad and write down all the major concerns that first come to mind. This includes things like what date you will be leaving, how will you get there, who is going to move your things, and much more. Having these major factors written down will start to give you an outline to go off of. A simple search online should be helpful to give you a template of all the factors that need to be considered for the move and is a great way to ensure you think of all of them.

One major concern when it comes to planning is organization. You must keep your notes in an organized fashion so that you aren’t stressing trying to find previous things. Decide on a simple notebook or a folder on your desktop where you will store everything that has to do with the move. As you develop new factors, such as deciding on moving companies, then create a new folder or section in your notebook for that specific factor. Remember that planning is the key to stress reduction.

Hire Professionals 

While it may seem more cost efficient to do things yourself instead of hiring professionals, you need to consider your stress levels in the matter. Packing up all your belongings, loading them into a truck, worrying about getting your car to your new home or selling it, and many other factors need to be considered when moving. If you try to do all of these specific items yourself, you’re going to be overly stressed.

By hiring professionals to do a specific job, such as packing and shipping your possessions, you can take that factor off of your plate. Think of yourself as the delegator and hire the service companies to do their specialties. Your job is to make sure that the services are scheduled at the right time and their job is to deal with all the details involved in their specific service. Realize that when it comes to moving, cheaper isn’t always better for your stress levels.

Give Yourself Time 

Although it may feel like getting the entire move done in one quick movement is the best, it will end up stressing you out like crazy. Anytime you are rushed on a specific schedule it creates stress and, if anything deviates from the original plans, it just piles on more stress. This isn’t something you want to be dealing with when you can totally avoid it. Just because you can move into your new home at 8 AM on Monday doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be opening the door at that time.

You should take some days off of work to allow yourself some downtown to clear your head before and after the move. This will give you some time to realize those last minute preparations you missed and to seize the moments of the move. It’s very hard to be stressed out when you have extra time to get things done. It’s very easy to be stressed out when you don’t have a lot of time. Always opt for having more time than you think is necessary so that you can be prepared when the unexpected things pop up, which they always do.

Moving across the country is a big feat both physically and emotionally. It’s imperative that you not only manage the moving of your belongings but also your stress levels. By following the three tips above you can drastically reduce unwanted stress during your next nationwide move.

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