3 Things to Consider Before Getting Braces


The thought of getting braces can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the inconvenience associated with the treatment plan. While braces can be used on patients of all ages, some of the concerns associated with braces seem to magnify as patients get older because they become more fixated on appearance or making the braces look as invisible as possible. While cosmetic concerns are certainly valid in deciding whether to get braces, there are many other considerations that should come into play as well.

1. Braces Do More than Simply Fix Crooked Teeth.
One of the most obvious associations people have with braces is that they help to straighten out teeth. While this is certainly true in most cases, they also perform other important functions for the health of your mouth. This can include also fixing your bite. When you close your mouth and have your teeth come together, a proper bite is found if your upper and bottom rows of teeth can meet but do not grind down. Along with not grinding your teeth as they touch, a good bite also involves not having gaps between teeth that should be fitting together.

If left untreated for an extended period of time, issues with your bite can lead to TMJ, headaches, issues with chewing, speech problems and many other issues. If your orthodontist has recommended braces as a way to correct your bite, then you should consider getting them way beyond the cosmetic reasons of wanting straight teeth and a great smile. Even if you do not necessarily notice a problem with your bite, it can exacerbate over time and become much worse without proper care. This is why you should not ignore your orthodontist’s advice about having your bite corrected.

2. Prioritize Function Over Appearance
Many patients think that the best forms of braces are invisible or ones that you can barely see on the teeth. While it is understandable to want to minimize the appearance of braces, this might not be the best choice for you in terms of what will work to correct your smile and alignment. “Even though a certain type of brace may not be stylish or may appear to be more noticeable at first, it is important to put aside temporary cosmetic issues in favor of having long term, effective treatment that prevents a wide range of dental issues later in life,” said Empire Dental Group.

In addition, if you do not go with the most recommended, aggressive treatment option for your braces, you may be stuck wearing the braces for a longer time just to see the same results you would have gotten with more visible braces. This adds to the expense and prolonged periods of discomfort that could have otherwise been avoided with more visible braces. Also, it is good to keep in mind that invisible or stylish braces are often more expensive to manufacture than the traditional metal braces, so this can drastically increase the overall cost of your treatment. Just because they are more expensive does not mean that invisible braces are a better option to fix your smile.

3. Try to Avoid Changing in the Middle of Your Treatment Plan
Unless it is absolutely necessary that you change orthodontist offices during your treatment because of a family move or some other unavoidable circumstance, you should try your best to stick with the same orthodontist throughout the entire treatment plan. Many orthodontists will make you sign a contract at the beginning of your treatment plan. You may have to pay an additional cost for trying to get out of your contract early if you gave to switch to another office.

In some cases, a new orthodontist will make you start your treatment over with the new office. This means having to sign another contract and agree to additional terms. It could also mean that the time you originally spent on your first treatment could be totally wasted. It is best to avoid this hassle because it is more expensive and time consuming for the total treatment.

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