3 Statement Pieces Everyone Needs in Their Closet


Style is personal. Fashion is not forever. What’s in fashion right now won’t be in fashion six months from now. That’s why you hear women tossing their 3-month-old items out even though they’ve only been worn twice, because so many people want to keep up with the trends as they come and go. Style is something personal, and it’s not something that ever fades. Women who are truly stylish have more knowledge of style than others. They know trends are not always the most flattering ideas, and they know being trendy isn’t everything. Classic style never fades, and it’s women who know that quality is always more important than quantity. The truly stylish women of the world know what looks good on them, and they don’t deviate from that no matter how many trends come and go. If you take any advice from the most stylish women in the world, take away that everyone person should have specific staples in her closet.

1- A Little Black Dress

Your little black dress needn’t be the same one someone else has. Find a black dress that stands the test of time. It should be quality, but that doesn’t mean you must find a dress that costs thousands of dollars. A simple Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress will never go out of style, and it can be worn anywhere. It can be dressed up with the right shoes and jewelry for a night out, or it can be dressed down with different accessories for a day at church. You have the power to take your LBD to any level when you have one that’s made well and will last the rest of your life.

The key to choosing the right LBD is to choose one made well but also to find one in a silhouette that’s classic. A sheath, a wrap dress, or a form-fitting dress with longs sleeves and a modest hemline will never go out of style. You can wear it tomorrow and again in 15 years and no one will know you’ve had it for so long. Skip the dresses with the cut-outs, the off-the-shoulder trend, or the cold-shoulder trend. These will be long gone before next season, ensuring your little black dress is no longer fashionable.

2- Classic Nude Pumps

Nude pumps should have a slightly pointed toe and they should not be sling-backs. They should have a heel at least 3-inches, but no more than 4.5-inches. This is classic. Every woman should have a pair of these in her closet. They might not seem like a fun or exciting statement piece, but they are everything when you want longer, leaner legs in any ensemble. When looking for quality nude pumps, spend some money. Cheap shoes always look cheap. There is no exception to this rule.

If you don’t spend money on your shoes, it’s obvious from day one. You’ll also spend far more in the long run as you replace them every few months. Think Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Prada, or Christian Louboutin for your nudes. They’re designers who make shoes that are timeless and high-quality, so they’ll stand out for many years. You can wear them just as often 10 years from now as you do now without anyone knowing how old they are.

3- A Black Blazer

“Dress it up, dress it down, wear it in the day or wear it at night; this is a statement piece to stand the test of time,” said TAGS. It’s always chic to throw on over jeans and a white tee heading through the airport. Put it on over a sheath and head to a business meeting. Add it to a dressier top and skirt for a little professionalism. You’ll get more use out of your black blazer than virtually anything else in your closet, and you’ll love this piece. The key is to find one that’s timeless, have it tailored, and use it often.

Statement pieces aren’t always the boldest or trendiest item on the market right now. Statement pieces are the ones that make people stop and tell you how amazing you look, and that’s almost always going to occur because your piece is clearly expensive, timeless, and beautiful.