3 Simple Ways to Wash Your Car More Efficiently


For a lot of people, cars are a very prized possession. There is no better feeling than washing your car and admiring it in its most cleanly state. Washing your car can be kind of tricky. Although it may seem easy, it can be difficult to clean every little spot on the first try. It can be time consuming to clean your car if you are not experienced doing so. Due to this, a lot of people resort to going to the car wash to save themselves time. While a car wash does a great job in less time, they can be a bit pricey. Thankfully there are ways to easily wash your car on your own. These tricks will have your vehicle looking shiny clean in no time.

The first simple trick may seem obvious to some, however many people never think to use it. As stated onĀ Autogeek.net, clean water is the trick to having a clean car. A lot of people use only one bucket filled with soapy water. They dip a sponge into the soapy water, scrub the car until the soap runs out, and repeat. The only thing that is wrong with this method is that all of the dirt and grime from your car is being expelled into your soapy water. The dirt is then being rubbed back onto your vehicle when you dip the sponge back into the water. So how can you solve this issue? Use two buckets. Fill one bucket with the soapy water and another with clean water. After the soap runs out on the sponge from scrubbing your car, dip and rinse the dirty sponge in the clean water. Proceed to dip the sponge back into the soapy water and continue scrubbing. The idea here is to keep your soapy water clean. By doing so, you will make the job much easier and find that your car will be dirt free at a much faster rate.

The second simple trick to washing your car is to wash the dirtiest areas first. Doing so can make the end product drastically cleaner. The reason is because when the dirtiest areas are cleaned, they often splash dirt to other areas on the vehicle. If you clean the dirty areas last, you risk getting the already cleaned areas of your vehicle dirty again. Nobody wants to clean their entire car twice, so consider this trick. What exactly are the dirtiest areas of the car? Tires are the dirtiest part and need to be cleaned first. They constantly come into contact with the ground which causes them to pick up a bunch of grime. Also, the bottom area of the car should be cleaned first as well. The tires often throw dirt up onto this area which causes it to be one the dirtiest areas as well. After you finish cleaning the most messy regions of the car, begin to clean the rest of the vehicle. Starting from the top, work your way down. Doing so ensures that your car gets as clean as possible. Also consider aiming your hose downwards when spraying the car. This helps to promote water runoff and can eliminate spotting. When it comes to spotting, there are a few tricks as well. First, park your car out of direct sunlight. The sun dries the water but it makes the spots more prevalent. Additionally, drying your car off after washing it can greatly reduce water spots from appearing.

The last method that will help you easily get your vehicle clean is to use a soap sprayer on the end of your hose. This is by far the easiest way to wash your vehicle. All you will need is your hose and a foam spraying product to do the job. The foam sprayer is simply connected to a garden hose or a pressure sprayer. You then proceed to spray the car with the soap. Afterwards, all you will have to do is rinse the car off. You may or may not have to do a little scrubbing but either way you save a lot of time.